Curly Hair

Curly Hair
Curly Hair

Hair is among the defining features of mammals. Hair grows at different speeds in different individuals; the typical speed is around one half inch per month. Pigment cells create hair color creating Melanin. Pigment cells expire, and hair turns grey.

All curls are amazing. Nevertheless, all curls aren’t created the same. Curls contours and give you an excellent quantity of variety within their forms. There’s lots of confusion in regards to curly hair. All hair types revealed fall within the class of curly hair. They further broken down into groups. Every hair shown has specific features which are common for that specific group, you might not fit perfectly into one category or class.

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Hair that is clearly a collection of two hair types that are specific, according to certain factors. One kind is not better or worse compared to the others. It doesn’t necessarily mean hair is below par if hair is weeded to frizz. It’s just one of that type’s part.
Hair that is normal than wavy called as category 1.



This hair contains light to really wavy hair arrangments. The waves and curls are stick near the haed and form shape of an “S”. Wavy hair will not bounce up when layered.

2A: This hair type is likely fine in volume. Even though it has an all-natural shine or gloss, 2A hair generally lack definition and quantity.

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Use binders with jojoba oil or lightweight tea tree.
Refresh having a styling spout that falls and moisturizes frizz.
2B: In this 2b hair, the wave forms “S” shape allover the hair like 2A but the hair adheres near to the head. Category 2b waves could be somewhat frizzier about the top of the head, and will get rid of curl definition readily.


Make use of a refiner with honey and citrus oils to seal the natural sheen of your hair.
Attempt a shampoo that is dry to rapidly absorb extra oil out of head and allevate your roots for the look of volume.
Do a protein treatment with greek yogurt, or mayonnaise, egg to enhance elasticity.

2C: Category 2C waves would be the roughest of wavy hair arrangment. They are made up of a couple more real curls, compared to merely waves.


Spread out wet hair, but not steep hair upside down after washing for more volume.
Do a method with argan or jojoba oil for curl-free wetness that will not weigh down your hair.
Scrunch styling products in your own hair layer by layer to encourage wavy definition.
Give intense conditioning once every 2 weeks having a treatment including egg or avocado protein.



It contains lightly curled to really curly hair designs which might be clear cut and flexiable.

3A CURLY swirly:

CURLY Swirly
CURLY Swirly

Category 3A curls reveal a certain curly “S” arrangment which visible. Typically, this hair category retexturized or is easily straightened. 3A curls tend to be more vulnerable to losing and frizz definition than category 2 hair.

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Use oil for superior braid for light hold that wont consider along the curl.

While hair remains misty to stimulate definition, change tiny sections of curls.

Select a cleaning and daily tonic with grain proteins.

Comb for normal curl- description and volume throughout.
3B: 3B curls possess a smaller fringe than 3A and are somewhat voluminous. 3B hair isn’t as glossy as Kind 3A curls, along with the feel might be compact and rough.


Moisturize with almond oil or lightweight but powerful marula.
Choose a cleanser that is free from sulfate and silicon and styler to support development, prevent more grime buildup, and facilitate the hair cleansing procedure.

3C: 3C curls are like tight corkscrews. 3C hair more volume and off color than category 2 or 3 hair. 3C curls are better in texture, stiffly loaded firmly together on the head



Delicately enrich and safely stretch hair utilizing a pose- bantu – flexi rod set, knot out, or perm rod set.

Use a medium herbal serum that provides classification.

After washing hair that preserve curl design throughout, do a massage.

Do deep-conditioning once a week for few minutes to preserve flexibility and humidity.

Category 4 – COILY HAIR:


hair can vary from thin to strong and fine and rough with a plenty of strings thickly packed together.

4A: Is closely coiled hair that’s an “S” design. Contain more moisture than Type 4B has a apparent curl design and coils. The hair may be fine or wiry -textured. It’s normally weak with more volume.


Wash head with shampoos including jojoba oil or tea tree.
Use thicker natural soothing like shea and mango butters to increase fashion style after washing.

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4B: Category 4B hair lies between thin to stiff and fine and rough with many fibrils packed together. Shrinkage is frequently experienced by this hairtype up to 50% of its original length. Category 4B alter fashions can be held by coils nicely.


Use the LCO or LOC Method to maintain the coil’s moisture.
Massage with castor oil or coconut oil to simply help keep natural oils.
Develop style on stretched hair with Curlformers perm rods, or flexi poles for less frizz and maximum definiton.
Use a tshirt or soft towel to dry hair and cause tension.

4C: 4C hair consists of fibrils that may virtually never clutter except the utilization of styling techniques and methods. Categoey 4C hair can be grouped into fine, thin, soft to rough with thickly packed fibrils. Category 4C coils or rings appear indistinguishable to 4B category other than the curls or the ringlets are closely twisted with less definition. This kind of hair can shrink ore than 50%.

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