Doble Kara “Melodrama of Pinoy TV”

Doble Kara “Melodrama of Pinoy TV”

Doble Kara Melodrama Of Pinoy TV
Doble Kara Melodrama Of Pinoy TV

Melodrama Doble Kara (Lit: Double Faced/English: Double Kara) is a 2015 PINOY TV series, coordinated by Emmanuel Q. Palo, Trina N. Dayrit, and Jojo A. Saguin on Pinoy TV. The PINOY TV series Doble Kara stars Royal Princess of Drama Julia Montes in a doble part, as Kara Dela Rosa and Sara Suarez together with an outfit cast comprising of Carmina Villarroel, Mylene Dizon, Ariel Rivera, Allen Dizon, Sam Milby, Alicia Alonzo, Maxene Magalona, Edgar Allan Guzman and John Lapus. The series Doble Kara debuted on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Goldafternoon square and worldwide on PINOY TV on August 24, 2015, to February 10, 2017, supplanting PINOY TV show Big Brother.

The primary book, which traverses three seasons of Doble Kara, concentrates on the life of Kara and Sara and how envy and character test their sisterhood, and how they are presented to different requital designs by Lucille. The second book of Doble Kara is about Kara and her significant other, Sebastian Acosta, beginning coexistence, while Sara starts life again in Japan. The twins both have girls, Isabella and Rebecca. Until the point when turns changed then when Rebecca passed on and Sara came back to the Philippines and startlingly, speculate ruins her association with Kara after the presume grabs Isabella and offers her to Sara. As reality sprouts, their sisterhood is more than tried contending as the mother of Isabella. Not knowing who is controlling them, there is just a single individual who tries to demolish their family, their sister-in-law, Alex, Seb’s sister.

Doble Kara was met with both for the most part positive surveys and solid evaluations. The series Doble Kara of PINOY TV earned three PMPC Star Award selections, winning the Best Daytime Drama Series of PINOY TV and two acting assignments for Julia Montes and Carmina Villarroel. Moreover, the series Doble Kara of PINOY TV got different honor wins, including a PINOY TV Series Craze Award for Best Daytime PINOY TV Series, an ALTA Media Icon Award for Best Daytime Drama Series, and a Gawad Tanglaw Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series for Montes.

Season 1 (2015)

Pinoy TV series Doble Kara (season 1)

In this first season of Pinoy TV melodrama Doble Kara indistinguishable twin sisters Kara and Sara were isolated amid their youth because of Kara’s dire need of cure for leukemia. Laura and Ishmael needed to offer Kara to her genuine father, Antonio, and his better half Lucille whom she suspected that Kara was quite recently received. Lucille invited and adored Kara with her entire existence, in spite of her insider facts. The couple conveyed Kara to America to have her treatment for leukemia. After fourteen years, Kara comes back to the place where she grew up and effectively discovers her family, while Sara eagerly goes after her fantasies. Antonio made Kara torn between hard decisions; not to see her family any longer. Sara likewise turns out to be impractically required with Edward. A few circumstances happened with Lucille and Antonio confused Sara for as Kara.

Season 2 (2015– 16)

Pinoy TV series Doble Kara Doble Kara (season 2)

In second season of Pinoy TV melodrama Doble Kara competition emerges between them with the two twins battling for their rights and proprietorship. In any case, all things being equal, Kara’s adoration for her sister is unqualified as she offers everything to Sara to make her cheerful and fulfilled, notwithstanding knowing her sister has begun to be shrewder. Sara started to be considerably more materialistic and plotting, and industriously battles for her rights as the “lawful little girl” of Antonio. This later began a strong and angering contention amongst Sara and Lucille. Sara began to pine for very rich properties, wanting to beat Kara for all the extravagance she used to have, and even prompted Antonio to get her own home to compensate for each one of those years she endured in shortage.

After the battles that Kara has confronted in drama of Pinoy TV, each bit of their family’s insider facts are at last found by Lucille who had known nothing about her family’s well-kept mysteries as a result of Sara’s deliberate affirmation and malice plans. It turns out to be more awful for Lucille when another mystery from her mom is going to stun her when she meets her scheming and questionable stepsister Alex and stepbrother Sebastian.

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Season 3 (2016)

Pinoy TV series Doble Kara (season 3)

In the third season of Doble Kara on Pinoy TV Alex and Sebastian made a guarantee to get back the cash which their dad as far as anyone knows left for them. Alex would do everything to recover back what is legitimately theirs. Presently, Lucille is against them also until the point when a few conditions will change their lives when Alex turns out to be much more frantic for cash and she is resolved to strike retribution against Lucille. Inevitably, Lucille turned the tables by her favors when she began a conspiracy with Alex and guaranteed to pay her liberally in return for her administrations.

Sara is as yet sad to get back the cash from Lucille since her as of now offered it to Alex. Sara gets Alex yet she uninhibitedly got away from them however then she was grabbed by a man requested by Lucille. The day of showdown in the court is going to come and Alex is prepared to reveal reality about what truly happened to her. Reluctant to come clean, Alex settled on a choice not to uncover what truly happened to her. In return of her hush, Alex was remunerated by Lucille with riches and cash. Sara’s disappointment and envy emerges again and before Kara and Seb’s wedding, Sara entices her sister’s prospective spouse and yet again asks for his adoration however Seb demonstrates that his affection is just for Kara.

Season 4 (2016)

Pinoy TV series Doble Kara (season 4)

In Doble Kara’s forth season on Pinoy TV Lucille continues considering Antonio to be a nebulous vision proceeds with her motivation in ruining the Suarez and taking Kara back to her arms. Lucille, urgent to recover back her exclusive little girl and sole memory of Antonio, perpetrated a wrongdoing of fire related crime and set the place of the Suarez ablaze. She was later conceded for the violations she intentionally dedicated including the mischance experienced by the Suarez amid their vacation get-away. Rather than detaining her, Lucille was founded by the court in a mental doctor’s facility as she was experiencing a late-beginning schizophrenia. Wanting to discover Edward, the father of her unborn tyke, Sara went to Japan, however flopped hopelessly similarly as Chloe (Patricia Javier), trusting that Sara would just bring her child wretchedness and torment, drove Sara adrift and constrained Edward to move in South Korea. Sara, with the assistance of a companion, chose to work and begin her life once again in Japan for her child.

The two infants are conceived, initiated as Rebecca and Isabella. Notwithstanding, Sara grieved and lamented as Rebecca instantly kicked the bucket after her introduction to the world. After the mishaps Sara had encountered in Japan, she went home to the Philippines, yet picked not to come back to her family, feeling that she’ll just be a block and be judged by her family in light of her wrong choices in life once more. Not long after Isabella’s couple of months, she was tragically isolated from Kara and Seb which makes a family issue the Suarez. No one knows who planned to abduct the youngster and not halting to scan for her. Isabella was gone out under obscure conditions and she took maternal watch over her. No place else to go, Sara was taken in by Cynthia in her Club Felicidad where Sara and Isabella spend over the next years.

Season 5 (2016– 17)

Pinoy TV series Doble Kara (season 5)

During this serial on Pinoy TV One night amid Becca’s festival for ending up some portion of Edward’s business, Chloe, uncovers reality to Edward and the Suarez family. Alex satisfied of what destiny is doing to Sara, begins to be in triumph because of Sara’s hopelessness. Her arrangement is working when the privileged insights are uncovered and the Suarezes will demolish themselves little by little, and Kara and Sara’s relationship will be destroyed for eternity. Kara discovers that Becca is really her missing little girl, who was seized numerous years prior.

After Sara was confessed for grabbing Isabella, she got away and tries to demonstrate her guiltlessness with the assistance of Lola Caring, Kengkay, Rona, and Nancy. She is later demonstrated guiltless and her association with Kara is settled. The Suarezes at that point carry on with an upbeat existence without Alex’s irritating deferral what’s more, fiendish plans against them.

Season 6 (2017)

Pinoy PINOY TV series Doble Kara (season 6)

In Pinoy TV‘s drama After three months, Kara and Sara and the entire Suarez family is at long last living in peace now that Alex is abroad. Sebastian keeps on stressing of Alex’s state regardless of what she has done. Kara, who needs her family to proceed onward, makes a decision that the entire Suarez family is taboo to specify Alex’s name, to stay away from promote complexities. Then, Alex, who is as of now in Malaysia, conceives an offspring and begins her street to exact retribution against the Suarezes.

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Banjo visits Sara and persuades her to go out on the town with him one final time. As they get in the auto, Sara notification and discovers Alex. An incredible pursue happens and the two got into a disaster area. Kara and Sebastian got educated and they send police men to capture Alex. While holding up, Sara and Banjo show at least a bit of kindness to-heart talk lastly admit their affections for each other, while Banjo calls Cynthia and says his last farewell. Sara getaways to look for help, however as the disaster struck, the auto falls into the chasm and detonates finishing Banjo’s life. Rebecca and Sara grieve for Banjo’s demise and, shockingly, Cynthia points the finger at Sara for Banjo’s passing and makes a scene at his wake, commandingly drags Sara out and exclaiming sick contemplations against her. Amid Banjo’s internment, Rebecca and Kara offer their regards for Banjo, while Sara asks for Cynthia’s pardoning. Additionally, in the wake of being stood up to by Sara as a set up by Cynthia and coincidentally shooting Seb in the head, Alex puts on a show to be disturbed as a feature of her intend to escape imprison and gets rejoined with her stepsister Lucille in a mental organization, and utilizations Lucille as a device to continue every last bit of her detestable plans against Kara and Sara’s family.

Cast & Characters of Pinoy TV Melodrama Doble Kara

  • Leading Cast & Characters of Pinoy TV’s Serial

  • Julia Montes as Kara Dela Rosa-Acosta/Sara Suarez-Ligaya
  • Carmina Villarroel as Lucille Acosta-Dela Rosa (seasons 1– 4, 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Mylene Dizon as Laura Hipolito-Suarez
  • Ariel Rivera as Ishmael Suarez (seasons 1– 4 on Pinoy TV)
  • Sam Milby as Sebastian “Seb” Acosta (seasons 2– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • John Lapus as Ninang Itoy “Nangshie” Delgado (seasons 1– 4, supporting; seasons 5– 6, primary on Pinoy TV)
  • Maxene Magalona as Alexandra “Alex” Acosta-Hernandez (seasons 2– 4, visitor; seasons 5– 6, principle on Pinoy TV)
  • Edgar Allan Guzman as Edward Cabrera-Ligaya (seasons 1– 2, supporting; season 3, repeating; season 4, supporting; seasons 5– 6, primary on Pinoy TV)
  • Rayver Cruz as Banjo Manrique “Symbol” (season 4, repeating; seasons 5– 6, principle on Pinoy TV)
  • Supporting Cast & Characters

  • Allen Dizon as Antonio Dela Rosa (seasons 1– 2, supporting; seasons 3– 4, 6, unique visitor on Pinoy TV)
  • Alicia Alonzo as Barbara Salgado-Acosta
  • Anjo Damiles as Andrew “Andy” Delgado
  • Mickey Ferriols as Cynthia Manrique “Mother” (season 4, repeating; seasons 5– 6, supporting on Pinoy TV)
  • Gloria Sevilla as Yaya Anita (seasons 1– 4 on Pinoy TV)
  • Krystal Mejes as Isabella Acosta/Rebecca “Becca” Suarez (seasons 4– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Myel de Leon as Hannah Acosta (seasons 4– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Patricia Javier as Chloe Cabrera (seasons 1– 4, repeating; season 5, supporting on Pinoy TV)
  • Polo Ravales as Julio Hernandez (season 4, visitor; season 5, supporting on Pinoy TV)
  • Nash Aguas as Paolo Acosta (season 4, repeating; seasons 5– 6, supporting on Pinoy TV)
  • Alexa Ilacad as Patricia Hernandez (season 4, repeating; seasons 5– 6, supporting on Pinoy TV)
  • Roxanne Barcelo as Gia Jefferson (season 1-4 on Pinoy TV) repeating; [Sara’s Best Friend]
  • Valerie Concepcion as Ariana Barretto (season 3, repeating season 1 on Pinoy TV) [Kara’s Best Friend]
  • Recurring Cast & Characters

  • Alora Sasam as Camille Rose “CR” Sanchez
  • Loren Burgos as Olivia “Ms. O” Ou (seasons 1– 4 on Pinoy TV)
  • Michael Conan as Emilio (seasons 1– 3 on Pinoy TV)
  • Jason Fernandez as Jayson (seasons 1– 4 on Pinoy TV)
  • Chrisha Uy as Jessica (seasons 1– 4 on Pinoy TV)
  • Chiqui del Carmen as Lourdes (season 2 on Pinoy TV)
  • Joe Vargas as Elvis (seasons 2– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Yesha Camile as Mikay (season 2 on Pinoy TV)
  • Amy Nobleza as Bebeng (season 2 on Pinoy TV)
  • Jay Chan Marquez as Greg Borromeo (season 3 on Pinoy TV)
  • Andrew Gan as Jeremy (seasons 4– 5 on Pinoy TV)
  • Luis Hontiveros as Patrick (seasons 4– 5 on Pinoy TV)
  • Joseph Ison as Gabo (seasons 5– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Marx Topacio as Bogart (seasons 5– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Jeff Luna as Adolfo (season 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Guest Cast & Characters

  • Maritess Joaquin as Kristina Valera (season 1 on Pinoy TV)
  • Dexie Daulat as Vianne Valera (season 1 on Pinoy TV)
  • Ramon Christopher Gutierrez as Congressman Dante Ligaya (season 1 on Pinoy TV)
  • Frances Makil-Ignacio as Susan Ligaya (season 1 on Pinoy TV)
  • Shey Bustamante as Xen (season 1 on Pinoy TV)
  • Maila Gumila as Lorena Acosta (season 2 on Pinoy TV)
  • Eslove Briones as Eric (season 2 on Pinoy TV)
  • Jerry O’Hara as Suarez family’s Attorney (seasons 3– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Mikey Caffrey as Company Assistant (season 3 on Pinoy TV)
  • David Chua as Nestor Magdalang (seasons 3– 4 on Pinoy TV)
  • Hannah Ledesma as Apple (season 3 on Pinoy TV)
  • Markki Stroem as Frank (season 3 on Pinoy TV)
  • Arisa Suzuki as Mikasa (season 4 on Pinoy TV)
  • Kathleen Hermosa as Andrea (seasons 4– 5 on Pinoy TV)
  • Cristine Yao as Madeleine “Dina” Nicholas
  • Noel Colet as Mr. Joaquin Delgado (season 4 on Pinoy TV)
  • Cristine Yao as Madeleine “Dina” Nicholas (seasons 4– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Sunshine Garcia as Nancy (season 5 on Pinoy TV)
  • Maria Isabel Lopez as Rona Mallari (season 5 on Pinoy TV)
  • Kristel Fulgar as Kristine Mae “Kengkay” Dalisay (season 5 on Pinoy TV)
  • Odette Khan as Caridad “Lola Caring” Lacsamana (season 5 on Pinoy TV)
  • Simon Ibarra as SPO1 Leandro Arellano (seasons 5– 6 on Pinoy TV)
  • Special Participation

  • Irma Adlawan as Esmeralda “Aling Esme” Hipolito (season 1 on Pinoy TV)
  • Avery Balasbas as youthful Kara Dela Rosa/Sara Suarez (season 1 on Pinoy TV)
  • Marco Pingol as youthful Edward Cabrera-Ligaya (season 2 on Pinoy TV)
  • Harvey Bautista as youthful Andrew “Andy” Delgado (season 1 on Pinoy TV)
  • Trajan Moreno as youthful Sebastian “Seb” Acosta (season 2 on Pinoy TV)
  • Alyanna Angeles as youthful Alexandra “Alex” Acosta (season 2 on Pinoy TV)
  • Jacqui Leus as Body twofold of Julia Montes
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Casting of Melodrama Series Doble Kara

In April 2015 on Pinoy TV, it was reported that Julia Montes had been given the principal title part of the show Doble Kara aired on Pinoy TV. Hazel Parfan, the official maker of the show Doble Kara, said they created the venture because of Montes. Made as perfect inverses, Montes needed to change garments, change cosmetics, and switch personas a few times for her individual parts as Kara and Sara. Afterwards, more castings were affirmed, including Mylene Dizon, Ariel Rivera, Allen Dizon, Edgar Allan Guzman, John Lapus, Gloria Sevilla, Patricia Javier, and Alora Sasam. Bing Loyzaga and Enchong Dee were basically part of the fundamental cast for the parts of Lucille Dela Rosa and Andy Delgado.They were later supplanted via Carmina Villarroel and Anjo Damiles.

In November 2015 on Pinoy TV, it was declared that Sam Milby and Maxene Magalona would likewise be joining the give a role as one of Kara’s (Montes) cherish interests and Sebastian’s (Milby) sister, respectively. After the third-season finale, it was reported on April 22, 2016, that kid on-screen characters of Doble Kara Krystal Mejes and Myel De Leon were thrown in the second book and fourth period of the series as Isabella Acosta/Rebecca Suarez and Hannah Acosta, separately.

Scheduling of Doble Kara

The series on Pinoy TV Doble Kara was at first intended to be a piece of ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida evening hinder as reported on Bandila news program, proclaiming that Montes will return on primetime on Pinoy TV. However, in a very late change, the availability was moved as a component of Kapamilya Gold evening square, supplanting Pinoy TV show Big Brother: 737 GOLD, which is the calendar time after FlordeLiza and along these lines after its Showtime.

Music of Doble Kara

The signature tune, “Ikaw Ay Ako”, formed by lyricist Vehnee Saturno on Pinoy TV, was sung by The Voice of the Philippines sprinter up Klarisse de Guzman and semifinalist Morissette Amon. The melody was initially made for the PINOY TV series Doble Kara. A moment interpretation of the melody was secured by The Voice Kids amazing champions Lyca Gairanod and Elha Nympha for the series’s second book.The tunes, from various Dreamscape Productions, for example, Ang Probinsyano’s “Sway Ka Nang Umiyak” and “Basta’t Kasama Kita”, On the Wings of Love And I Love You So’s own particular title musics, and Nathaniel’s “Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin”, were accumulated into one collection.

Marketing of Drama Doble Kara

On August 1, 2015 on Pinoy TV, ABS-CBN discharged the primary secret trailer for the melodrama series Doble Kara on YouTube, highlighting Montes. Another mystery took after on August 5, and by and by including Montes. Later that month, ABS-CBN discharged a progression of elite notices and cast representations on the show’s site and Twitter. On August 14, 2015, the principal full-length trailer of show Doble Kara was released. On April 22, 2016, it was freely uncovered by Julia Montes and Sam Milby in their advancement and meeting that the series got recharged for another book and season due to its reliably expanding evaluations which have been uncommonly high for an evening link series, beating its opponent program and gossip surfaces that the drama Doble Kara may get stretched out until the point when August which will keep running for absolutely a year. The trailer for the second book demonstrates the new existence of Kara and Sara as moms, having little girls of their own]On April 29, 2016, Montes, with Alora Sasam and Markki Stroem, went by SM City San Jose del Monte and served a thanksgiving show to everybody who watches and bolsters the series. Advancement about the expansion for the series Doble Kara was additionally included. There is likewise a report that the series may keep running until February 10, 2017 on Pinoy TV as a result of its persistent high ratings of it at Pinoy TV.


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