How To Do Easy Nail Art Ideas At Home

It is a fact that this nail art is the trendiest kind of fashion that can actually make you a perfect fashionista, this nail artwork is quite popular nowadays. If you will be having a creative kind of nail art on your nails then you can easily cheer up and attract someone. We have now nail paints and nail inks and dyes in the market that can help you a lot in making your nails capturing looking. You can come up with the designs like crushed shells, you can draw some dry flowers and also the induction of the bullion beads and silver rings can make your hands and nails more magical. You can too make these nail art designs on your own and at home. Here we will be telling you about the simple nail art designs, you can just try them right now:

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How To Do Easy Nail Art Ideas At Home

Green Flowers Designs

How To Do Easy Nail Art Ideas 2015 At Home001

You have to paint your nail with white nail paint and then with green nail paint by using a thin brush. Take yellow nail color, and then you can draw two flowers right on your nail. You can also paint a dot too right between those flowers with this green nail polish. This will be the best design with the help of its you can flaunt your nails!

Half Moon Design:

How To Do Easy Nail Art Ideas 2015 At Home002

You can also give your nails this naughty kind of feeling by painting your nails with some blush nail color. Now you have to take a thin brush then draw five white dots just on different places of your nail. Now catchup with a golden glitter and you can draw a half moon with the help of this golden glitter. It is one of the easy nail art ideas, you should be trying it right now!

Christmas Nail Designs

How To Do Easy Nail Art Ideas 2015 At Home005

Moving on with some more easy nail art designs, you can too try this one! You have to apply white nail color right on your nails. Now just make two stars by using green color and also add rhinestones on your nails.

Lily Nail Designs

How To Do Easy Nail Art Ideas 2015 At Home003

You just have to paint your nail with this red nail polish. Make small hearts right at the tip of your nails with the help of white paint and do also make this lily by using golden glitter, this will be your acrylic nail design! It will give stunning look to your nails.

So, this was all about the easy nail art, check out the pictures too and let us know too that which one is the best design! Trust on us that this is the easy nail art which we have shared with you. For all the events and for all the festivals, we will be sharing more of such kind of best designs so stay tuned with us. Right now you can try this one and let us know your feedback too.

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