How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials?

Here we are with top hair bun tutorials; they will make you glamorous and stylish. These are easy tutorials and you can well come up with best hair bun ideas. Now, it is the time to become an ultimate fashionist and try all these bun hairstyles:

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How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials?

How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials

  1. Hair Doughnut Bun

How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials001

You can make this homemade hair doughnut from a simple sock. You have to match your sock with your hair color, now cut the toe end of your sock and roll it down from the top and give it a doughnut shape and make a stylish bun. Make a ponytail and then slide the sock doughnut onto it. Now make the ponytail and start rolling the sections inward. This is all!

  1. Braided Bun:

How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials002

You can now combine braid and bun both! You have to part the hair and make a French braid of both sections. Now tie them up. Now take both braids and then combine them with the remaining of your hair into a classy kind of ponytail. Now you can make a bun and fasten it with pins.

  1. Low Sided Bun:

How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials003

You have to part the hair and then place the bun at the side of your head. You have to comeup with a ponytail, and then tie it with hair tie. Now, you have to come up with a plait, wrap it with the ponytail and then make a bun shape. Now you have to tie the bun with a hair tie. It can be the best hair bun 2015 if you will try to make it.

  1. Hair Bow Bun:

How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials004

You have to make a loose ponytail. Now, pull your hair and then flip them with the help of the tie to the other side. Now, grab the loop of hair and divide it into two parts, take the tail and pin it. Now, you have to tug the loops and then give them shape of hair bow bun.

  1. Twisty Bun:

How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials005

Yu have to make two ponytails, you have to use ponytail holders, now make both of the ponytails into rope braids. Now by taking both ropes, you have to wrap them with the elastic bands of your ponytails. This is it, this bun styling is all here!

  1. Cotton Candy Bun

How To Do Hair Bun With Simple Tutorials006

You have to pull your hair right up into a super high kind of ponytail. You have to use two hair ties so that extra volume can be added in your ponytail. Now, with the help of brush, you can add more volume through backcombing your hair. This is all!

We are sure that all these hair bun tutorials will come out to be informative for you. If you do not like your current hairstyling then you can try this kind of bun hairstyling. All these tutorials will also be telling you detailed hair bun steps. Do try all these bun styles and let us know that which one is that bun style which you find the easy one, we will be posting more ideas about these bun styles so stay tuned.

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