Latest Nail Art Trends 2015 For Summer Season

Summer is the best time to get the bright shades on you. You have to stop using now all the boring pastel shades and all the darker ones too! They are the colors of autumn and winter. You have to now start opting for all the bold bright colours; you can also have the neon color shades on you. It is best to start opting the wild patterns and all the floral patterns. If we talk about the nails and you are going to the beach, or at a pool party, be it a BBQ in a backyard then you have to make your nails much prominent. You should be making such catchy nail designs, add a vibrant touch of colour on them, make them more bright. Here we will let you know about nail art trends so read the details:

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Latest Nail Art Trends 2015 For Summer Season

Latest Nail Art Trends 2015 For Summer Season

Rainbow nails:

Latest Nail Art Trends 2015 For Summer Season001

If you want to incorporate as many colours in your nails then this kind of trend can be opted! You only have to paint each nail with some different nail paint colours and make sure that they have to be those seven rainbow colours. You can make some colourful stripes on each of your nail. It is one of the best nail art trends 2015 that should be wearing in this summer.

Multiple shaded dots design:

Latest Nail Art Trends 2015 For Summer Season002

It is one of the easiest designs which you can have for this summer time! You can make small dots or you can also have big dots, polka dots. It is up to you that in what kind of randomness and colour shades you want to have these summer nail art trends. This design does not require any special tool. You only need a toothpick will do so that you may make neat and pretty dots with the help of it.

Neon shaded designs:

Latest Nail Art Trends 2015 For Summer Season003

They can be perfect for summer. They will give glow to your dull nails. It is high time that all of the girls get these flashy and bright neon nails. You can have them in a geometrical design and you can also do some floral nail art work on it too, no doubt it is one of the dazzling and latest nail art trends.

Beachy nail designs:

Latest Nail Art Trends 2015 For Summer Season004

In this kind of nail design, you can have the light blue background on your nails and then sprinkle them with gold glitter. You can also make some shell, they will give your nails a real kind of beach look!

White nail paint designs:

Latest Nail Art Trends 2015 For Summer Season005

Get a White nailpolish and then add some bright colour streaks on top of that white nail paint! This random designing will make your nails much spectacular.

So, these are the latest trends for this summer time when we talk about the nail art. If you 10 minutes then give this time to your nails and make them as much pretty and beautiful as you can! It is time to make summer season much rocking by making your nails cooler and attention grabbing.


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