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Maalaala Mo Kaya

Maalaala Mo Kaya 2
Maalaala Mo Kaya 2

Maalaala Mo Kaya (lit. Would you remember? /English title: Memories; shortened as MMK maalaala mo kaya) is a Philippine show collection series broadcast on ABS-CBN each Saturday nighttimes and is facilitated by Charo Santos-Concio. It has turned into the longest-running dramatization collection in Philippine PINOY TV and in the world, achieving its 25th year in 2016. The program includes week after week genuine stories or accounts of ordinary citizens or even popular famous people and identities through letter sending on PINOY TV. The arrangement has a partner radio program being communicated on DZMM called “Maalaala Mo Kaya sa DZMM”, a soft cover (“wallets”) adjustment and a comic bookadaptation under Mango Comics and Sterling.

The program on PINOY TV is named after the eponymous melody, “Maalaala Mo Kaya” by Constancio de Guzman on PINOY TV. The melody additionally fills in as the program’s opening topic on PINOY TV maalaala mo kaya , which was performed by Dulce. Starting in the mid 2000s airings, the opening has been secured via Carol Banawa, supplanting Dulce’s variant in PINOY TV.

A works of art re-run adaptation of the compilation arrangement Maalaala Mo Kaya on PINOY TV Classics debuted on June 3, 2012 on The Filipino Channel. In view of the effort abroad, the TFC arrangement concentrated on completely deciphering each scene with English subtitles. The Philippine variant entitled ” Maalaala Mo Kaya Klasiks” on PINOY TV disclosed on ABS-CBN‘s Kapamilya Gold evening obstruct as a brief substitution program from December 17, 2012 to January 18, 2013  maalaala mo kaya preceding supplanted into May Isang Pangarap. Maalaala Mo Kaya Klasiks likewise pretense on DZMM TeleRadyo as a fill-in to its radio partner, in light of the fact that the last was pre-recorded.

maalaala mo kaya Episodes

List of Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes

maalaala mo kaya Eminent episodes

  • maalaala mo kaya “Rubber Shoes”

The principal scene of Maalaala Mo Kaya publicized on May 15 on PINOY TV, 1991 featuring Romnick Sarmenta and Vina Morales.

  • maalaala mo kaya”Regalo” (Gift)

Maalaala Mo Kaya scene topbilled by Vilma Santos on PINOY TV, Ricky Davao and Maja Salvador and considered as a standout amongst the most fundamentally effective scene.

  • maalaala mo kaya”Lobo” (Balloon)

Lobo was the most astounding rating episode on PINOY TV (47.9% in Metro Manila) that highlighted Regine Velasquez and Piolo Pascual. Regine additionally won her initially acting honor at the PMPC Star Awards for PINOY TV in 2002, in view of this episode.

maalaala mo kaya”Wharf 39″

It’s a tenth Anniversary Presentation on PINOY TV. To start with Maalaala Mo Kaya scene recorded outside the Philippines featuring Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual on PINOY TV. Shot in San Francisco, California, the scene tells about a guardian who goes gaga for a wayward man, in spite of being obligated to her elderly, wheelchair-utilizing boss.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Ferris Wheel”

It was a Christmas display of Maalaala mo Kaya on PINOY TV which reunites ex-lovers Jericho Rosales and Angelika dela Cruz on PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Unan” (Pillow)

This was the PINOY TV’s episode which recounts the biography of Julie Vega as depicted by Angelica Panganiban. Michael de Mesa and Rio Locsin went about as Drs. Julio and Pearl Postigo, Julie Vega’s folks. It was publicized in October 2003 on PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Pendant”

A Valentine’s Day Special disclosed on February 14, 2009 on PINOY TV and first scene for Toni Gonzaga with Jason Abalos and Ryan Eigenmann on PINOY TV. This scene was about first love and how to give up and go for broke with a specific end goal to be in love.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Reseta” (Prescription)

A Mother’s Day Special circulated on May 9, 2009 on PINOY TV featuring Jodi Sta. Maria and Carmina Villaroel. This denoted Villaroel’s new appearance in a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode on ABS-CBN after a couple of scenes she did in the 1990s preceding leaving the system.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Blusa” (Blouse)

A dubious episode on PINOY TV featuring Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana that spotlights on an account of an UP Los Baños summa cum laude graduate who ended up applying as a Guest Relations Officer (GRO) indicated February 28, 2009 on PINOY TV. UPLB discharged an announcement bringing up the believability of the realities exhibited in the episode. On March 10, 2009, ABS-CBN issued an expression of remorse for not confirming with UPLB the veracity of the facts on PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Frozen yogurt”

This is the biography of Charice Pempengco on PINOY TV, as depicted without anyone else. This is Charice’s initially acting appearance with Zsa Padilla and Rhap Salazar assumed as the part of her mom and more youthful sibling. The story includes about her experiencing childhood in a white collar class family before her fruitful singing profession. The scene circulated in June 2008 on PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Teddy Bear”

This is simply the narrative of entertainer Pokwang, depicted without anyone else’s input of PINOY TV’s drama.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Kwintas” (Necklace)

This is the principal episode of Sarah Geronimo and furthermore on PINOY TV that denotes the first on-screen pair of her and John Lloyd Cruz.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Gitara” (Guitar)

This is the genuine story of Tara Santelices, who was out cold for a year subsequent to being shot to the head by a mugger on August 6, 2008 on PINOY TV. She was depicted by Karylle.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Upuan” (Chair)

The episode on PINOY TV  previous representative Renato Cayetano, depicted by Ronaldo Valdez about his fight with hepatitis and his child, Lino Cayetano’s commitment to expand his life as depicted by John Lloyd Cruz. This episode is additionally coordinated by Lino himself.


The Ninoy and Cory Aquino Story maalaala mo kaya

On January 23 and 30, 2010, separately, on PINOY TV a two-section episode of the biography of previous Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. what’s more, previous President Corazon Aquino was disclosed for Cory’s 77th Birthday. The initial segment was “Kalapati” which highlighted the unassuming beginnings of the said couple, from their marriage up to their political clashes. The second part was “Makinilya” which portrayed the last days of Ninoy and the finish of Martial Law. The arrangement additionally highlighted genuine film of the occasions that happened amid military law and amid Cory’s accomplishment in the presidential race. Piolo Pascual depicted the part of Benigno Aquino Jr. while Bea Alonzo assumed the part of Corazon Aquino.

maalaala mo kaya “Tsinelas” (Slippers)

This is the account of 17-year-old Edgar and 11-year-old Dagul, two destitute siblings that endure the extreme trials of existence with no sustenance or cash while voyaging a thrilling trip from Manila to Samar for a superior life. This is the after death work of on-screen character AJ Perez, who kicked the bucket in an auto accident on April 17, 2011.

Another irrelevant scene was additionally titled “Tsinelas”, which is the PINOY TV adjustment of the tale of the late Jesse Robredo.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Krus” (Cross)

The Mother’s Day Special of Maalaala Mo Kaya on PINOY TV for the year 2011 with Ai-Ai Delas Alas, John Arcilla, John Wayne Sace and Lester Liansang. This is tale about a battling mother with her children not favored with idealize wellbeing.

  • maalaala mo kaya”Kuweba” (Cave)

Kuweba is an extraordinary episode on PINOY TV that highlights performers Robin Padilla and Vina Morales after almost two decades since their last undertaking together. This scene was publicized on November 12, 2011 recounting an account of a Muslim family battling in a political and social turmoil.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Singsing” (Ring)

Singsing is the romantic tale of Etrona and Panyong on PINOY TV, who discovered bliss in each other’s organization until their final gasp. This episode which was broadcast on November 19, 2011 is coordinated by Jeffrey Jeturian and stars Philippine veteran performing artists Eddie Garcia and Gloria Romero.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Lente” (Lense)

The biography of a trying model Claudio C. Cañedo, depicted by Gerald Anderson on PINOY TV, disclosed on August 9, 2012, this episode depicts how Claudio faces the difficulties of a man investigating his general surroundings, meeting diverse people from all kinds of different backgrounds and how he survived every one of the trials.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Shirt”

The story is about Gigi on PINOY TV, a young lady who got pregnant at a youthful age due to being assaulted more than once by her manager. Sharlene San Pedro, who assumed the part of Gigi, was perceived globally; she was named in the seventeenth Asian Television Awards for Best Actress in a Lead-Drama Role for her depiction as a high school mother in this scene publicized on April 21, 2008 on PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Manika” (Doll)

A 15-year-old young lady named Nene, depicted by Jane Oineza, who was intermittently assaulted by her stepfather. In any case, her reality definitely changed when her mom, depicted by Angel Aquino, even helped her live-in accomplice in the demonstration of assault. From that point forward, Nene reviled the ‘excellence’ that she has. The scene was slated to air on June 2, 2012 yet was pulled off after the MTRCB gave it a ‘X’ rating because of its touchy subject. It was later re-altered and was given a ‘SPG’ rating to be circulated on June 30, 2012. The scene went ahead to end up noticeably one of Maalaala Mo Kaya on PINOY TV’s most widely praised introductions with watchers applauding the acting exhibitions of Jane Oineza and Angel Aquino and the unsafe move by ABS-CBN to air such scene. It topped Saturday prime time seeing earning an across the nation rating of 40%, as per Kantar-TNS across the country appraisals, and 27.1% in Metro Manila, as indicated by AGB Nielsen Philippines. Jane turned into a finalist at the New York Festivals International PINOY TV and Film for Best Performance by an Actress. The scene was likewise selected for Best Drama at the 41st International Emmys.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Singsing” (Ring)

This is a biography of TESDA Director General Joel Villaneva depicted by Diether Ocampo. He and his better half Gladys depicted by Maricar Reyes had been hitched for a long time. However, Joel was affirmed to be barren and couldn’t imagine a tyke. Yet, through his profound confidence, Joel and Gladys were given a tyke.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Sanggol” (Baby)

This is a tale of previous MTRCB Chairman Grace Poe depicted by Erich Gonzales on PINOY TV. Incidentally, Grace has additionally been chosen congressperson in the 2013 races.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Lubid” (Rope)

The account of Tourette syndrome casualty Jerome Concepcion depicted by Gerald Anderson which circulated on November 7, 2009 on PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Streak Cards”

Fidel, a previous educator on PINOY TV’s serial, depicted by performer vocalist Ariel Rivera made due from a heart assault. After a distressing movement in spite of the specialist letting him knows not to do, he experiences a stroke which influences his perception and discourse. Presently his girl, Jonah turns into his own educator at home.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Scrapbook”

The biography of Korean genius Sandara Park on PINOY TV

  • maalaala mo kaya “Bintana” (Window)

The principal episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya on PINOY TV to be disclosed in top notch in ABS-CBN HD on October 3, 2015 featuring Tonton Gutierrez, Agot Isidro, Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres

  • maalaala mo kaya “Pasa” (Bruise)

The episode on PINOY TV circulated on May 21, 2016 recounts the biography of Rommel, depicted by Raikko Mateo and Diego Loyzaga, who experienced childhood in a whimsical family, with two moms and a father, and saw it disintegrate because of his dad’s damaging conduct and indecencies, yet he let the affliction in his life make him entirety.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Kweba”

It was circulated on PINOY TV on June 18, 2016 featuring Zanjoe Marudo as Mang Juan, an account of a cherishing father who will do everything to bring up his kids regardless of being unskilled. The scene earned a gigantic 38.3%. It turned into an online networking free for all, and was the most noteworthy appraised MMK scene of 2016.

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maalaala mo kaya Award Winning episodes

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Abo” (Ash)

Roderick Paulate was granted by the first Asian Television Awards pof PINOY TV.s serial as Best Drama Performance by an Actor in 1996 on PINOY TV. He assumed the part of an indigenous Aeta, a casualty of the ejection of Mount Pinatubo.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Wristwatch”

Roderick Paulate was granted again by the fifth Asian Television Awards as Best Drama Performance by an Actor in 2000 in PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Tune Book”

Aiza Seguerra was granted by the seventh Asian Television Awards as Best Drama Performance by an Actress in 2002 in PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Rehas” (Jail Bars)

Gina Pareño was granted Best Drama Performance by an Actress by twelfth Asian Television Awards in 2007 in PINOY TV.

  • “Pilat” (Scar)

For this scene, Angel Locsin won her initially acting honor for Best Single Performance by an Actress in the 22nd PMPC Star Awards for PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Lobo” (Balloon)

The scene stars Regine Velasquez and Piolo Pascual of PINOY TV’s serial. Regine won Best Single Performance by an Actress for this scene at the sixteenth PMPC Star Award for Television the PINOY TV Series likewise fills in as a paramount execution for Regine Velasquez as her first Maalaala Mo Kaya episode of PINOY TV.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Skating Rink”

John Lloyd Cruz won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Special at the second Enpress Golden Screen Entertainment PINOY TV Awards in 2005. He assumed the part of Jonel, a person with cerebral paralysis, yet had a shrouded ability in ice skating.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Sako” (Sack)

This scene featuring Jay Manalo and Joshua Dionisio on PINOY TV’s serial, won in the seventeenth KBP Golden Dove Awards. It recounts the tale of an injurious father who keeps his kids working while he spends all their well deserved cash.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Regalo” (Gift)

Vilma Santos with Maja Salvador is featuring in Regalo on PINOY TV’s serial. This scene won the Best PINOY TV Drama Program at the fifteenth KBP Golden Dove Awards while on-screen character Vilma won Best Single Performance by an Actress at the twentieth PMPC Star Awards for PINOY TV in 2006.

  • maalaala mo kaya “Lupa” (Soil)

Featuring Ketchup Eusebio and Gina Pareño on PINOY TV, Nikka Valencia, Jan Marini the scene was named as Best Drama Series on PINOY TV in the fourth Seoul International Drama Awards in 2009 on PINOY TV. The story is about a kid that profits to a poor neighborhood in Bicol with a specific end goal to influence his wiped out mother’s to wish work out.

  • maalaala mo kaya  “Wicker bin”

Featuring Judy Ann Santos, Caridad Sanchez, Kier Legaspi on PINOY TV, Nikka Valencia this scene won the 2001 Catholic Mass Media Awards for Best Drama and the 2001 KBP Golden Dove Awards Best Drama Program. It additionally moved toward becoming finalist at the Magnolia Award for Best Film for PINOY TV amid the ninth Shanghai Television Festival 2002 in China.

Best of Maalaala Mo Kaya

  • maalaala mo kaya “Elastic Shoes”

Romnick Sarmienta

On PINOY TV In this first scene of Maalaala Mo Kaya circulated on May 15, 1991, Romnick Sarmienta plays Allan, a social climber who is embarrassed about his devastated state and claims to be fortunate to mix in with his rich companions in school. His dad, a road sweeper, works hard to meet his extravagant needs. Just when it is past the point of no return does Allan understand that cash does not really fulfill a man?

  • maalaala mo kaya “Sako” (Sack)

Jay Manalo

Miong (Jay Manalo) and his whole family fill in as occupants for a sugarcane manor in Negros Occidental. The eldest tyke, Giling (Joshua Dionisio) is constrained by his dad to surrender tutoring to help in the ranch. Giling experiences abuse the damaging individuals in the manor as well as from his father, who is so devoured by his fixation for cash and power. At the point when their family is struck by a disaster, Giling promises to transcend the persecution.

  • “Regalo” (Gift)

Vilma Santos

Daisy Hernandez (Vilma Santos), a mother, must gap her opportunity amongst work and dealing with her girl April (Maja Salvador), who has cerebral paralysis. Daisy’s heart is twisted each time she sees her eldest tyke endure due to her sickness. Yet, Daisy never loses expectation, and April figures out how to carry on with a typical life until the point that she is 18. Exactly when Daisy thought things are doing fine with her girl’s inability, a catastrophe will additionally test her confidence.

  • “Wharf 39” (MMK’s first out of the nation scene circulated on July 26, 2001)

Judy Ann Santos, Piolo Pascual

Whenever Miguel (Piolo Pascual) got requested of by his dad to the States, he suspected that his father proposed to compensate for all the lost time between them. Notwithstanding, he was dealt with so gravely that he would preferably be destitute than live with him and his awful second spouse. Miguel would have starved to death notwithstanding Arlene (Judy Ann Santos) who helped him get the bits of his life. Together they could overcome their feelings of dread and make something lovely out of their hopeless past.

  • “Baul” (Chest)

Charo Santos, Coney Reyes,””Ricky Belmonte””,””Nikka Valencia””

A long time after a tragic episode on PINOY TV, Minda (Charo Santos-Concio) came back to the place where she grew up to make Letty (Connie Reyes) pay for taking her life partner (Ricky Belmonte) far from her. In any case, it was not sweet vengeance in light of the fact that their companionship made a difference more than the man who divided them. Would Letty and Minda genuinely open their hearts and let the recuperating start?

  • “Unan” (Pillow) (depiction of Julie Vega’s biography)

Angelica Panganiban

As far back as she was youthful, individuals effectively saw her ability. Small Darling as her family called her, Julie Pearl Postigo, otherwise called Julie Vega started her the stage vocation at the age seven. She was found by an ability facilitator and offered her a business spell. She actually felt the affection for working for PINOY TV. As a youthful kid, she would supplicate that she get the parts she tries out for. Her initially film venture was Ang Mga Mata ni Angelita. From that point on, her ubiquity was irrepressible. She was named as “the grown up young lady” due her develop dramatization parts at a youthful age. The most appalling piece of her life was the passing of her sibling. Julie profoundly grieved. One day, she felt powerless and weaker as the days passed. At the stature of her vocation in 1985, Julie kicked the bucket on the sixth of May. As of recently, her family never uncovered her ailment.

  • “Chime in Bar” (depiction of Ai delas Alas’ biography)

Maricel Soriano

At the point when Ai-Ai (played by Maricel Soriano) was youthful, she was given away by her organic mother to her auntie. As she was growing up, she viewed herself as unfortunate for continually getting got in a progression of awful occasions. She can’t likewise locate a good occupation to enable her to acquire a living. Until one day, she was offered an occupation in a comic drama bar. A popular individual found her gifts and offered her to sing in a show. This cleared her approach to PINOY TV shows and films where she began low. Later on, she will meet a man that she will wed and from that point on, she thinks of her as life a crazy ride. In the midst of the considerable number of difficulties she is confronting, she advanced over her fantasies.

  • “Sa kandungan mo, Inay” (My Mother’s Lap)

Anita Linda

Sisters Millet (Janice De Belen) and Cielo (Charo Santos-Concio) loathed their mom (Anita Linda) due to her mercilessness towards them. Millet particularly begrudged her sister Leslie (Dina Bonnevie), in light of the fact that she was their mother’s most loved and gotten exceptional treatment.

  • “Retaso” (Remnant)

Nora Aunor

Since the start of her association with Dado (Joel Torre), a widower, Anita (Nora Aunor) realized that she will end up being a stage mother to his three youngsters. It was hard for Anita to win over the kids however later they felt Anita’s certified concern and in the end opened up to her. In any case, exactly when things were gradually becoming all-good she finds that Dado has been undermining her. Will she have the capacity to play Judas on the youngsters, whose lives now relied upon her?

  • “Burda” (Pillowcase)

Sharon Cuneta

Lita (Sharon Cuneta) has been dealing with Stephen (Patrick Garcia) since he was a child since his folks are constantly occupied with work and leaving the nation. Despite the fact that she’s quite recently his yaya, Lita cared for Stephen like a genuine mother. Stephen in the end achieves his youngsters and Lita is frequently gotten in the middle of her ward and his parent’s disparities. An episode influences Lita to understand her confinements as yaya and imparts in her the hard lesson of giving up.

  • “Lapida” (Gravestone)

Kris Aquino, Phillip Salvador

Jan (Phillip Salvador), a solitary parent, acquires a living as a fire fighter. Amid a mission, he can spare the lives of Annie (Kris Aquino) and her child after her better half Tony set their home ablaze who is then slaughtered by a detonating globule. In any case, obscure to him, his own child tricky tails him inside the consuming house to help him after he gets went through the fire fighters and kicks the bucket. Annie consequently encourages him with his despondency and they turn out to be dear companions. As their kinship bloom into adoration, will Annie and Jan have the capacity to accommodate their disparities and influence their relationship to work?

  • “Bisikleta” (Bicycle)


Whenever Abel (Dolphy) found his better half going behind his back with his closest companion carding, he indignantly pushed them away and was left with a child to tend to. He would have offered some kind of reparation with Liza for their child’s purpose yet a tragic situation got him detained for a long time. When he got out, be that as it may, he looked for his family again to demonstrate his guiltlessness to his child whom he lived for this time.

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