How to Cut Oversized T-Shirts

We have this question for you that if you have an oversized T-shirt which is quite too large to just wear


that what you should be doing with it? Obviously, you have to cut down that shirt in a proper way so that it may fit properly on you. Here we will be letting you know about the simple instructions, and also in a few minutes, you will be able to get in hand that kinds of t-shirts that will fit perfectly on you, just make a cutting of them in a proper way and manner.

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  1. You just have to place the t-shirts on a flat work surface along with the front facing up. Now in the first step you have to cut the hem right from the bottom edge of your shirt as higher as necessary so that you can make your shirt as of desired length. You have to set the removed hem just aside for later use.
  2. Now you can cut the ribbed collar off, if it is desired by you, you have to make the neckline look just the way you want it, you have to shape it up carefully with the use of scissors.
  3. Then you have to cut the hem just from the bottom edge of sleeves of your t-shirts! It has to be at the desired length for your sleeves. Now you can try the shirt on, when you will be wearing the shirt then you have to place the pins right at the point of your natural waistline and it has to be at each side seam of your shirt. Now you can take your shirt back off carefully.
  4. Now lay t-shirts out on that flat work surface along with the back side facing up. You have to measure 4 inches in right from the side seams just toward the back center where you placed the pins, and you too have to place a small mark at each and every point. Now make a 1/2-inch vertical slit right at both points.
  5. Just take the set-aside hem piece and then you can cut it to make it about 1/2-inch only wide. You have to bring one end of that hem piece from under the T-shirt and bring the other end up just through the other slit. Now pull the hem piece both ends together, and then you can tie them in that bow to gather the back of your shirt. Just trim off any of the excess hem when you will tie the bow. This is all!

This is how you will be able to have the perfection in your over sized t-shirts! You can right away just try out this method. It is this simple method, now what you need to do is that you have to take out all of your oversize shirts right from your closet and then you have to make them fitted on you but cutting them up in a proper way.

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