Pinoy TV Drama-La Luna Sangre

Pinoy TV Drama-La Luna Sangre 

La Luna Sangre (lit. The Blood Moon) is a 2017 Philippine horror-fantasy drama television series of Pinoy TV directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, starring Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Richard Gutierrez, and Angel Locsin. La Luna Sangre is the third portion of Lobo and the continuation to Imortal. The series debuted on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida evening square on June 19, 2017, replacing My Dear Heart on Pinoy TV.

Synopsis of La Luna Sangre

Pinoy TV series La Luna Sangre rotates around the prophecy called “La Luna sangre” (“The Blood Moon” in English), which says that the little girl of the most powerful vampire and the chosen wolf will end the wickedness of the vampire set apart with the reviled ink.

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Following the occasions from Imortal, Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Angel Locsin) are currently living their simple lives as mortals in the corn fields of San Isidro alongside their 7 year old mortal daughter. They lost their forces and progressed toward becoming mortals when they resuscitated their perished baby little girl, Malia (Kathryn Bernardo). The head gatekeeper of La Liga Unida (or LLU) named Frederick Arguelles (Victor Neri) had recently come back from the corn celebration to report that Mateo and Lia were formally common mortals with no forces, and never again plan to continue their initiative of LLU. The Rodriguez family didn’t know about the new prediction with respect to their girl.

Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez), the lord of vampires and furthermore known as the Supremo, found out about the prescience and he requested every one of his powers to chase and execute Mateo, Lia and their little girl Malia to keep the prediction’s satisfaction and guarantee his authority into influence.

As shield to ensure Malia, LLU activated their powers to move them from San Isidro to another area. Be that as it may, before they could transport them securely, they were deceived by Veruska (Ina Raymundo), a werewolf and spouse of Frederick Arguelles, who directed their area toward Supremo in return for wellbeing of the rest of the werewolves. A noteworthy fight resulted between the powers of LLU and Supremo’s vampire partners. At last, insidious won and Supremo won the fight executing Mateo and Lia. Supposing he murdered Malia as well, Sandrino reported the start of his rule. He didn’t realize that the kid he slaughtered in Lia’s arms was not the genuine Malia. Truth be told, the genuine Malia was stolen away by Baristo (Joross Gamboa), a werewolf, to a mystery LLU base in Tanay, Rizal.

Malia is left a vagrant under the care of different vampires and werewolves, for a long time, Malia lived in the mystery camp with the LLU people group. She was raised on martial arts and exceptional fight protection preparing like whatever is left of the occupants. Indeed, even at an opportune time, she displayed bizarre deft capacities, exceptionally encouraging for the ‘new picked one’. Everybody stuck their expectations on Malia, bound to spare the vampires and werewolves from the oppression of Supremo. In any case when she neglected to show her heavenly powers when she turned 21 years of age – a critical point of reference for werewolves, numerous group individuals ended up noticeably incredulous of her.

Frustrated, Malia left incidentally from camp to confront the universe of mortals, vowing to locate her genuine self and outfit her forces to vanquish the Supremo. She later on returned however to the new LLU’s area. Before long, Sandrino found the new LLU’s mystery camp area and obliterated the vast majority of its individuals, including the head gatekeeper, leaving just a modest bunch of what was at one time an effective and imposing association. Despite the fact that the remainders were scattered after the fight, they in the long run locate each other in Manila and together with Malia attempt to get the bits of their gathering. In Manila, Malia meets Tristan (Daniel Padilla), a young fellow determined to retaliate for his dad’s demise in the hands of vampires. Tristan cooperates with an adolescent vigilante amass called Moonchasers, whose motivation is to murder abhorrent vampires and secure focused on casualties of Supremo.

It is as of now that the centrality of the prescience is uncovered. Both Tristan’s and Malia’s destinies are connected to Jethro Kabigting’s (Dino Imperial) vision in his prescience. As Malia’s guide in her part as the new picked one, he got some information about Malia’s connection to Tristan to decide their association with each other concerning the prediction. He prompted Malia that the “start” or electric current they felt when they connected hands is like her folks’ start. Lamentably, it implied they were bound to be each other’s foes. Not completely understanding the effect of their relationship, Malia trusts she can secure Tristan.

Samantha and Star keep on investigating Tristan’s past and Star’s dreams of his future. Is there an association amongst Sandrino and Tristan? Is Tristan like Mateo (a mortal posterity from a mortal mother and vampire father) or like Samantha posterity of a mortal mother nibbled by a vampire while pregnant)?


In the interim, Tristan stays uninformed of each other’s part and their importance to the prediction, and the two turn out to be quick companions. As their bond develops nearer and furthermore their main goal, is Malia a key to the equity that Tristan is searching for? Will Malia finish her central goal to end Sandrino’s life? In what manner will the prescience influence the growing sentiment amongst Malia and Tristan?

Cast of Pinoy TV Horror Fantasy Drama La Luna Sangre

Principle Cast of La Luna Sangre


  • Malia Rodriguez

    Malia Rodriguez
    Malia Rodriguez

It is performed by Kathryn Bernardo (Adult) and Erika Clemente (Child) on Pinoy TV. She is the main female protagonist of the series on Pinoy TV. Her character’s full name is Malia Ortega Rodriguez. She is referred to from Jethro’s prediction as the new picked one, who will triumph over every malicious vampire under the rule of a vampire conceived with a sign of the “reviled ink” before the evening of “La Luna Sangre”. Her energy capacities are poweful hearing and she can recuperate herself. She is a half breed since her natural guardians are Mateo and Lia, a vampire and a werewolf. Amid Lia’s labor, newborn child Malia kicked the bucket however later restored with the assistance of Mateo and Lia’s forces. After seven years, she grew up with her folks in San Isidro. At the point when her folks kicked the bucket, she started living with La Liga Unida (or LLU) people group. She was under the care of Baristo, Lydia, and Catleya until her adulthood. After fourteen years, she neglected to change as a werewolf or a vampire amid her 21th birthday celebration. Amid LLU slaughter, she neglected to execute Sandrino. She was spared by Gael and got away from the slaughter. After the slaughter, she lived in Manila and went up against double ways of life as Emilio “Miyo” D. Alcantara (man) and Toni (lady) as a feature of her intends to topple Supremo. She was shot various circumstances in the base of the chasm by three policemen who were under Supremo’s sleep inducing control. She kicked the bucket, however was revived by the otherworldly energy of the full moon. Police experts discovered her grisly garments, and accepted she was slaughtered. She proceeded with her way of life as Toni.

  • Tristan Toralba

    Tristan Toralba
    Tristan Toralba

It is performed by Daniel Padilla (Adult) and Justin James Quilantang (Child) on Pinoy TV. He is the main male protagonist of the series La Luna Sangre on Pinoy TV. His character’s full name is Tristan Sison Toralba. He grew up as Tonio and Rica’s mortal child in serial on Pinoy TV. At the point when Tristan was seven years of age, vampires executed his dad. He answered to everybody about vampire’s presence yet no one trust him. Amid Tonio’s entombment, his aunties, Rica’s sisters, came to bring him to live with them in Manila. In his adulthood, he filled in as a jeepney driver and repairman in Four Sison Repair Shop to diminish his dad’s obligation. His unmistakable fascination is vampires and wants to vindicate his dad’s demise driven him to join the Moonchasers. He is a forceful and determined person. His tutor, Prof. T, portrayed him as “extraordinary, yet hard to control” and furthermore a “warrior”. Then again, Moonchasers’ originator, Samantha Imperial will do everything to keep and secure him since she trusts he assumes a noteworthy part with Malia in Jethro’s prediction. Jethro considered Tristan to be a tyke connecting hands with Malia under the monster full moon. This vision showed 21 years back, when Jethro met Tonio and Rica. He laid his hand on Rica’s pregnant midsection. Rica was transformed into a vampire after she brought forth Apple, her second youngster. Likewise, Madam Star fears Tristan. She used to see him in her fantasies previously she really met him. In her fantasy, he was strolling down a dull back road fundamentally the same as where they lived and he had gleaming red eyes and was portrayed as a vampire.

  • Sandrino Villalobo

    Sandrino Villalobo
    Sandrino Villalobo

It is performed by Richard Gutierrez (Adult) and Zyren Leigh Luansing (Child) on Pinoy TV. He is the main antagonist of the pinoy TV series La Luna Sangre. He is the organizer of SMV Corporation. His point is to give an ideal world to control and keep mortals as the vampire’s principle sustenance source. His point is to rule the Philippines and the world. He is the ruler of vampires, and is alluded to as “Supremo”. He is the missing child of Magnus, and Samantha’s supportive sibling. He was raised by his mortal mother named Maria Villalobo, who detained him amid his adolescence because of his vicious murderous acts and he slaughtered her a while later. He is the vampire set apart with the reviled ink, whose defeat will occur through the hands of the new picked one, as portrayed in Jethro’s prescience. His assurance to keep the prescience’s satisfaction drove him to seek after and wreck Malia, her family, and LLU people group. Be that as it may, the prescience changed. In Jethro’s consequent vision, the Supremo did not bite the dust. Right now, he was utilizing his adjust sense of self as Gilbert Imperial, Youtopia’s organizer and CEO, who will keep running for the most elevated position in the nation as President of the Philippines, with Jacintha Magsaysay as his political strategist.

  • Jacintha Magsaysay

    Jacintha Magsaysay
    Jacintha Magsaysay

It is performed by Angel Locsin in serial on Pinoy TV. She is known as Lia Ortega-Rodriguez’ Doppelgänger, a Filipino expat living in Indonesia as a retainer of the President of Indonesia. Gilbert Imperial flew to Jakarta, Indonesia to employ her as his Political Strategist to help him in his crusade for President of the Philippines. He is suspicious of the idea of her individual since he supposes she isn’t a mortal being, yet is uncertain since he hears her pulse. She is always being tried by Gilbert. Upon Gilbert’s guidelines, Ningning looked into Jacintha’s experience and discovered that Jacintha was conceived in Negros Oriental. What’s more, however she spent all her secondary school and school years in Dumaguete, her folks lived in Manila. It was in Dumaguete when her previous college teacher named Bill Mejia, proprietor of the leading Public Relations firm in the nation, enlisted her to go along with them. Her first customer was the present leader of Indonesia, who credits her for driving his crusade methodology and winning the administration for him, in spite of a noteworthy embarrassment. Gilbert presumes that she is Lia Ortega-Rodriguez. He likewise supposes she is the red-dressed vampire lady, who spared LLU individuals amid Catleya’s protect operation and a similar vampire who endeavored to slaughter him in another event.

  • Theodore Montemayor

    Theodore Montemayor
    Theodore Montemayor

It is performed by Albert Martinez on Pinoy TV. His character is known as “Prof. T”. He is the director of Moonchasers and a researcher. He graduated Biomedical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. His significant other and girl were murdered by a vampire. From that point forward, vampire look into turned into his skill. Additionally, he backpedaled to the Philippines as a coach for the dynamic individuals from Moonchasers. As a tutor, he directs group building and procedures with Moonchasers. He directs concentrated self-protection preparing focused on particularly to battle malicious vampires. He has built up a few imaginative weapons, for example, the silver lance with the tooth of a werewolf (in view of Tristan’s receptive father stick weapon), splash arrangement (for all time evacuates awful memory experiences with a vampire/s), and a blend of werewolf and a vampire blood treatment serum (quickly recuperates wounds contaminated by vampires). In Moonchasers, he works with its author, Samantha, who gives missions to their individuals in regards to Supremo’s next focused casualty.

  • Samantha Imperial

    Samantha Imperial
    Samantha Imperial

It is performed by Maricar Reyes-Poon on Pinoy TV. She is the organizer of Moonchasers and undying vampire. She is Magnus’ embraced girl and Sandrino’s supportive sister on Pinoy TV. Her mom was nibbled by Magnus amid her pregnancy. Subsequent to neglecting to sire a vampire tyke he accepted would be the foreordained guardian angel of the vampire race, he brought up the little girl of the pregnant lady he bit and prepared her as their picked friend in need. He transformed her into a vampire when she achieved 21 years. In this drama on Pinoy TV  She and Magnus claim the Club Sangre, a covert coven used to enroll new vampires. She was enamored with Mateo however he cherished Lia. She had a hostile association with Lia until the point when she joined Roman’s people group with Lydia, because of Mateo. She was nibbled by Lucas at the last fight against Lucas and Magnus’ powers in Imortal. She submitted suicide to keep herself from transforming into a hybrid.She was the main incinerated vampire known (and this is most likely the reason she didn’t revive as a crossover). She over and again attempted to confer suicide yet restored each time. She quit endeavoring to kill herself after she understood she had incomplete business in this world. She met Prof. T and they set up Moonchasers with the end goal of wiping out Supremo and his vampire partners. She is to a great degree clever, sharp, and exceptionally proactive and she figures every one of her designs. She is careful about Tristan because of his wrong convictions about the vampires, by the by, she will do everything to secure and keep him in Moonchasers. She is by and by researching his starting points. She and Jethro know about Tristan’s significant part in the prescience, since he is dependably close by Malia, and they were both in Jethro’s vision. In spite of his protests and doubt for vampires, Tristan is gradually tolerating her authority of Moonchasers. Right now, she is searching for somebody to be the gathering’s diviner guide. She has reconnected with Jethro, and is developing Iska’s aptitudes as a soothsayer also. Gael is certain that she is the red-dressed vampire lady who spared LLU individuals amid their safeguard operation for Catleya. She keeps her character mystery from Supremo and his partners. She noiselessly secures the Moonchasers and LLU individuals amid their missions. She repeats her part from Imortal.

Supporting Cast of Pinoy TV Horror Fantasy Drama La Luna Sangre

Salvador Paglinauan is performed by Freddie Webb in La Luna Sangre in Drama on Pinoy TV. He is Supremo’s business accomplice and running mate in the up and coming decision in Drama on Pinoy TV. He framed an organization together with Supremo to remain in control while remaining a mortal. Miyo functioned as his security officer. Sen. Paglinauan occupied with illicit exercises which were seen and recorded by Miyo. He later found Miyo’s arrangement to open him to general society. In countering, he engineered the gas blast at Lumakad’s family condo that slaughtered Dory and harmed Greta, Lisa, and Kisses. Miyo was the proposed focus of the blast. He additionally requested Miyo’s torment and consequent death, helped by Supremo’s mind control of four policemen. He doesn’t know that Miyo revived from death. In spite of endeavors to uncover his illicit exercises and convey him to equity, he was exculpated and discharged.

Omar is performed by Ahron Villena in La Luna Sangre aired on Pinoy TV. In Lobo series, his name was Andrew in serial on Pinoy TV, Noah’s closest companion. His better half is Rosario Pineda in Drama on Pinoy TV. He helped Noah in revealing the inconsistencies in the Philippine Army and Luna powers. He was an extension of correspondence amongst Lyka and Noah when Noah was detained long back. As per Erin in the present arrangement, he was a Luna drive part until the point when he was nibbled by a vampire. He turned into an upright vampire until Noah and Lyka kicked the bucket. He traveled to another country and came back to the Philippines after numerous years and turned into the partner of Supremo. He turned into Malia’s mystery partner and mystery individual from La Liga Unida (or LLU) when he discovered that she is Noah’s granddaughter. Be that as it may, his reliability with LLU moved after Supremo kidnapped Rosario as his. He was doled out as the correct hand of Supremo to lead his operations. His position with Supremo is in peril because of Nognog’s demise and effective escape of Veruska and Jethro. To guarantee Rosario’s security from Supremo, he sold out LLU. He stole Catleya to utilize her by Supremo as lure to capture all LLU individuals and butchered them. The lure bombed after LLU effectively safeguarded Catleya, with the guide of an unidentified red-dressed vampire lady. He repeats his part from Lobo.

Jake Arguelles is performed by Tony Labrusca in serial on Pinoy TV. He is Malia’s closest companion in LLU since adolescence in play on Pinoy TV. He is additionally Frederick and Veruska Arguelles’ werewolf child in drama on Pinoy TV. As Frederick’s child, he will be the following head gatekeeper if Malia leaves, leaves, or passes on. He was one of the survivors of the LLU slaughter. He furtively has affections for Malia and is envious at whatever point he sees Malia and Tristan together. Baristo doled out him to join the Moonchasers to decide their actual unions and investigate the potential outcomes of blending partnerships amongst LLU and Moonchasers. He was acquainted with the individuals by Prof. T as Jake Cabuena, the main individual from the current group of Moonchaser candidates who passed the examination to battle and annihilation the alloted members. [4] Jake did not quit searching for his mom and was excited when they rejoined.

Veruska Arguelles is performed by Ina Raymundo on Pinoy TV’s show. She is Jake’s werewolf mother from Frederick in drama on Pinoy TV. Her aspiration to hold her family’s LLU authority provoked her to settle on incorrect choices, which prompted the LLU’s slaughter. She sold out LLU by uncovering youthful Malia’s whereabouts to Supremo empowering him and his vampire partners to discover and slaughter the Rodriguez family and whatever remains of the LLU and Luna Force who shielded them. After 14 years, Supremo misled her a moment time, tricking her into trusting she had killed him. Rather, Supremo and his flunkies took after her to their mystery camp, organizing a fruitful slaughter of the LLU individuals, including her better half. She was caught and detained by Supremo. In jail, she understood the deplorable result of her oversights and promised to help Malia for Supremo’s destruction. She and Jethro both got away with the assistance of Nognog, who yielded his life, and to Omar, who diverted his gathering of vampires. She rejoined with her child, Jake, and others and she joined the remainder assemble in this manner. She as of now collaborates with Baristo, Jake, Catleya, and other werewolf partners.

Baristo is performed by Joross Gamboa in serial on Pinoy TV. He is Malia’s werewolf receptive father in drama on Pinoy TV. He spared youthful Malia after her folks kicked the bucket to secure her against the Supremo, fourteen years prior. From that point forward, he took administer to Malia, with Lydia and Catleya. He secured Malia against her faultfinders about her inability to change herself into a werewolf or a vampire. He was one of LLU slaughter survivors. As of now, he organizes all LLU werewolf individuals, nearby with Veruska.

Catleya is performed by Sue Ramirez on Pinoy TV. She is Malia’s werewolf receptive sister and Baristo’s dear companion on Pinoy TV. She was one of the LLU slaughter survivors. She helps Baristo arrange correspondences with werewolves abroad. She was stole by Omar to guarantee Rosario’s wellbeing. She was tormented by Supremo and utilized as trap to ensnare all LLU individuals, who were relied upon to save her. In spite of the fact that she was effectively saved, her body was loaded with vampire venom and given a 50-50 opportunity to survive. She was later transported to China for her treatment.

Gael is performed by Bryan Santos on Pinoy TV. He is one of those in LLU who protected Malia, During Imortal series on Pinoy TV; he offered his life to Magnus to wind up plainly a vampire as a contrasting option to kicking the bucket from malignancy. He was initially a steadfast vampire of Magnus, at that point in the long run changed his cooperation to Mateo. He battled against Lucas half breed partners at the finale of Imortal. In the present arrangement, he was a piece of the center gathering of LLU pioneers, whose obligations, close by Frederick and Miguel, is to secure the LLU mystery camp. At the point when LLU’s slaughter started, he persuasively pulled Malia far from the battleground, sparing her life, enabling Lydia to divert Supremo. Lydia passed on from Supremo’s hands. As of now, he collaborates with Lemuel, supporting Malia. He repeats his part from Imortal.

Erin is performed by Polo Ravales on Pinoy TV. He is the main Luna survivor of the LLU slaughter. He was Yago’s right hand. Urgent to retaliate for his companions’ passing at Supremo’s hands and his partners, he arranged a fear based oppressor assault/suicide mission at the SMV building, yet was hindered by Malia who remembered him. He was the first to collaborate with Malia to reconstruct LLU and the Luna Force.

Lemuel Ruiz is performed by Khalil Ramos on Pinoy TV. He is a Filipino-American DJ in play on Pinoy TV, who was chomped by Andrei in his private show, some portion of Supremo’s general intend to transform famous people into vampires and progress toward becoming partners for global control. Supremo’s vampire workers figured his body couldn’t survive the change from mortal to vampire, so they dumped his body. His family did not presume any treachery, so he was covered him in a burial ground. Moonchasers subtly burrowed his grave and opened his box to confirm for themselves the presence of vampires. They found a chomp stamp on his neck. He later restored as a vampire and got away, He remained in isolation and attempted to assault mortals to satisfy his yearning until the point that he met Malia. He turned into Malia’s partner and LLU part. He presently collaborates with Gael, Vito, Angelo and his vampire partners.

Jethro Kabigting is performed by Dino Imperial on Pinoy TV. He is a diviner from Imortal series on Pinoy TV. He is Enrico “Tikboy” Kabigting’s child and Trixie’s nephew. His family is psychics serving Waya Inc., an old association of werewolves (high contrast) that represented all werewolf populace, worked with the mortals’ legislature, and shielded mortals from vampires. After Lia and Mateo’s triumph, the LLU was built up to supplant the wayas following werewolf peace consent to exist together with vampires and mortals. He was the psychic blogger who beforehand posted about the prediction of Malia, Lia, Mateo and the red moon that happens at regular intervals (the last red moon was in August 2010, and Lyka was the last gatekeeper). His sees dreams through psychometry and can speak with different soothsayers using telepathy. In introduce arrangement; he sees Malia, Tristan, and Sandrino’s future. He was caught and detained by Supremo for a long time, who endeavored to tap his capacities as a diviner to give him the favorable position. Veruska later went along with him, detained and rebuffed for rejecting Supremo’s proposition to be his partner. Afterward, they both got away, with Nognog’s assistance, who relinquished his life all the while, and to Omar, who occupied his gathering of vampires.They rejoined with Jake, Gael, and Baristo, and joined the leftover LLU group.Through Madam Star, he later reconnected with Samantha to help her with divining future occasions identified with the Malia, Tristan and Sandrino. He repeats his part from Imortal.

Betty Toralba is performed by Gelli de Belen on Pinoy TV. She is Tristan and Apple’s close relative. Her folks are Gabriel and Pina. Her sibling is Tonio. She kept data about Tonio’s life as a pioneer of Luna Force to secure her family.

Apple Toralba is performed by Maymay Entrata on Pinoy TV. She is Tristan’s sister in drama on Pinoy TV. Her folks are Tonio and Rica. She gives the light minutes, fun and joy to the family.

Gabriel Toralba is performed by Noel Trinidad on Pinoy TV. He is Tristan and Apple’s granddad. Tonio and Betty are his youngsters. He was developing visually impaired, requiring waterfall surgery, the greatest driver of the family’s turn to Manila. Right now, Tristan disclosed to Samantha that he was a coconut rancher…

Pina Toralba is performed by Debraliz Valasote on Pinoy TV. She is Tristan and Apple’s grandma, and Tonio and Betty’s mom…

Berto Lumakad is performed by Dennis Padilla on Pinoy TV. He is Miyo’s temporary father, Dory’s better half, and embraced father to Greta, Kuto and Lisa. He has a received granddaughter named Kisses. He is the area guard dog and peacekeeper.

Greta Lumakad is performed by Meryll Soriano on Pinoy TV. She is Miyo’s encourage sister. Her receptive father is Berto and her assenting mother is Dory. Kuto and Lisa are her supportive kin; she is a single parent to Kisses, her little girl from her ex Dipong. She and her tyke were spared by Dory from the gas blast requested by Sen. Paglinauan to his men to murder Miyo.

Doc is performed by Randy Santiago on Pinoy TV. His character’s genuine name is Noel Domingo however known as “Doc”. He is Tristan’s non-permanent father. He was filling in as workman in Four Sison Repair Shop. He was summer’s previous admirer until the point when he met Betty.

Summer Sison is performed by Desiree Del Valle on Pinoy TV. She knew as the pioneer of the Sison family’s sisters. She is Tristan and Apple’s close relative. She has sisters named fall, winter and spring. Sison family’s sisters claimed Four Sison’s Dormitory, Four Sison’s Repair Shop, and Tristan’s jeepney. Summer and her sisters took youthful Tristan from his fatherly family amid Tonio’s entombment. Tristan filled in as a driver and repairman for her and her sisters as approach to lessen Tonio’s obligation. She was allocated as trustee for Tristan’s Trust Fund from Rica (or fall), which he acquired when he turned 21 years old. In any case, they exhausted confide in finance by deducting made up obligations. Truth be told, the trust subsidize was their sole plan for keeping Tristan.

Bogart Generoso is performed by Hyubs Azarcon on Pinoy TV. He is Tristan’s companion and co-repairman in Four Sison Repair Shop. He is Porky’s sibling.

Nisha Echavez is performed by Karel Marquez on Pinoy TV. She is Sen. Salvador Paglinauan’s official colleague. She was acting like Gilbert’s secretary in Youtopia and direction instructor in Apple’s new school.

Expanded Cast of Pinoy TV Horror Drama La Luna Sangre

Winter Sison is performed by Alora Sasam in Pinoy TV series. She is Tristan and Apple’s close relative. She is likewise fall, summer and spring’s sister. She and her sisters possessed Four Sison’s Dormitory, Four Sison’s Repair Shop, and Tristan’s jeepney. She underpins summer’s choices and has no sensitivity for Tristan.

Spring Sison is performed by Joan Bugcat on Pinoy TV. She is Tristan and Apple’s close relative. She is likewise fall, summer and winter’s sister. She and her sisters possessed Four Sison’s Dormitory, Four Sison’s Repair Shop, and Tristan’s jeepney. She is portrayed as chivalrous of Tristan’s circumstance among her sisters, summer and winter. Spring is merciful and kind towards Tristan. She covertly loaned cash to Tristan to help his fatherly family.

Porky Generoso is performed by Jharmin Saddam on Pinoy TV. He is Tristan’s companion and co-workman at the Four Sison Repair Shop. He is likewise Bogart’s sibling.

Ningning is performed by Kristel Fulgar (Adult) and Elia Ilano (Child) on Pinoy TV. Her genuine character name is Luningning Ramos. She is Nognog’s closest companion and sweetheart since their adolescence in San Isidro. She is likewise Malia’s closest companion in San Isidro since adolescence. She is portrayed as amusements wizard and smart with PCs and data innovation. She presently functions as a diplomat in Youtopia.

Adee is performed by Patrick Sugui in Pinoy TV series. He is among the main cluster individual from Moonchasers. His genuine character name is Andrei Dominic Ilagan yet known as “Adee”. He was a previous acting pioneer until Prof. T returned to the Philippines to lead the Moonchasers. His part frequently argues for the sake of arguing to his collective choices.

Leo Nakpil is performed by Joshua Colet. He is among the principal clump individual from Moonchasers. At the point when Adee argues for the sake of arguing, his part as Leo stays nonpartisan. Leo is portrayed as the issue solver and go between.

Piolo James Magbanua is performed by Badjie Mortiz on Pinoy TV. He is among the principal bunch individual from Moonchasers. He was known as “Mata” amid his youth. He was Tristan’s adversary in his youth however they turned out to be dear companions following 14 years. He is depicted by Prof. T as pointless in Moonchasers since who does not have any battling ability.

Hanno is performed by Joe Vargas on Pinoy TV. He is among the primary bunch individual from Moonchasers. He generally consents to the greater part of Tristan’s choice.

Madam Star is performed by Mel Kimura on Pinoy TV. She is a seer, who once in the past put on a show to anticipate the destiny of a few people through Palmistry. She really utilizes online networking to acquire data about her customers. Her expectations are hit and miss, with the exception of the people that has real part in the prediction. She is the landowner of the condo utilized by Toralba’s family, and was Dory’s corn provider. Dory called her as “Iska”. She is portrayed as Samantha’s hesitant soothsayer. She has real psychic abilities: Tarot Cards, Precognitionto search for person’s future. She likewise uses Black Stone to plainly observe the vision. She seems frightful of Tristan. She had seen Tristan in repeating dreams before having really met him. Furthermore, she saw Tristan’s eyes were red. Likewise, Samantha utilizes her telepathy ability to speak with Jethro.

Neri is performed by Alyana Asistio on Pinoy TV. She is Tristan’s admirer began amid DJ Lemuel Ruiz’ private show. She drove him to the Moonchasers site when she saw his enthusiasm for vampires. She is portrayed the pioneer of phony Moonchasers, which individuals are an enthusiast of vampires.

Kuto Lumakad is performed by John Steven De Guzman on Pinoy TV. He is Miyo’s cultivate sibling. He is Dory and Berto’s received child. He is likewise supportive sibling to Greta and Lisa. Furthermore, he is likewise Kisses’ assenting uncle. He was portrayed as a road pickpocket. Miyo protected him from one of his casualties. His last pickpocket was Tristan. He stole worth 10000 php (pesos).

Lisa Lumakad is performed by Chun SA Jung on Pinoy TV. She is Miyo’s cultivate sister. She is Dory and Berto’s received little girl. She is additionally receptive sister to Greta and Kuto. Furthermore, she is Kisses’ assenting close relative. Her part was extremely injured in a gas blast at the Lumakad loft, requested by Sen. Paglinauan to murder Miyo.

Visitor Cast of Pinoy TV Horror Drama La Luna Sangre

Dory Lumakad is performed by Sylvia Sanchez on Pinoy TV. Her pretended as Miyo’s non-permanent mother. She is additionally Berto’s better half. She was prevalent corn merchant of the area and Iska is her corn provider. She was murdered in a gas blast requested by Sen. Paglinauan to execute Miyo.

Nognog Sebastian is performed by Francis Magundayao (adult) and Roepi “Uno” Asma (Child) in Drama on Pinoy TV. His pretended as Ningning’s beau. Ningning was likewise his closest companion, alongside Malia, amid adolescence in San Isidro. He was chomped by Chino and turned into a vampire. Nognog was allocated to Supremo’s refuge to watch Jethro and Veruska. He is portrayed as a decent vampire since he relinquished his life to enable Veruska and Jethro to escape from Supremo’s refuge.

Frederick Arguelles is performed by Victor Neri in play on Pinoy TV. His pretended as werewolf and head gatekeeper of La Liga Unida (or LLU), who succeeded Mateo and Lia. He has a spouse named Veruska and a child named Jake. He is depicted as Malia’s staunch supporter in spite of numerous grumblings among its individuals, particularly when her forces neglected to show. Frederick kicked the bucket in the hands of Supremo amid LLU slaughter.

Lydia is performed by Nikki Valdez on Pinoy TV. She assumed her part as Malia’s vampire supportive mother. During Imortal series, her pretended as Mateo’s vampire non-permanent mother and previous pioneer of Roman’s Community. She helped numerous vampires’ progress from drinking human blood to creature blood. In show arrangement, she was murdered by Supremo amid LLU slaughter to secure Malia and permit her escape, with Gael.

Miguel is performed by Michael Agassi on Pinoy TV. His pretended as Frederick’s partner and close by with Gael. He passed on amid LLU slaughter.

Yago is performed by William Lorenzo on Pinoy TV. He pretended as the last known pioneer of Luna Force. His right hand named Erin. He passed on amid LLU slaughter.

Benjie is performed by Wowie de Guzman on Pinoy TV. H pretended as the Luna covert in San Isidro. He encouraged the Rodriguez family to escape from San Isidro. He passed on in the shoreline for battling against vampires to secure Rodriguez’ family.

Antonio Toralba is performed by Romnick Sarmienta on Pinoy TV. His character referred to likewise as “Tonio”. He pretended as the father of Tristan and Apple from Rica. He was a Luna covert of San Isidro amid seven years when Lia and Mateo lived as mortals. He alarmed LLU about vampire’s essence in his general vicinity. He was executed by vampires.

Rica Toralba is performed by Tanya Garcia on Pinoy TV. Her genuine character name is Fall Sison-Toralba yet known as Rica. Her pretended as the mother of Tristan and Apple from Tonio. She is additionally summer, winter, and spring’s sister. She was previous Luna part before she was changed into a vampire.

Clarisse Zaragoza is performed by Nina Dolino on Pinoy TV. She is known as Lucille Zaragoza’s little girl in Imortal series. Her present pretended as LLU gathering part. She was slaughtered by Supremo’s vampire hirelings to spare the Rodriguez family in corn fields.

Maria Villalobo is performed by Teresa Loyzaga on Pinoy TV. His pretended as Sandrino’s mortal mother. She kept youthful Supremo bolted up for his murderous and fierce acts. She was executed by youthful Supremo utilizing his clone method capacity.

Nora is performed by Mikylla Ramirez in Pinoy TV. Her pretended as the granddaughter of a lady depending on Malia to discharge them from the shrewdness of vampires under Supremo. She and Malia praise their birthday the same day.She passed on amid LLU slaughter.

Denice is performed by Erin Ocampo in Pinoy TV. Her pretended as one of the individuals who reprimanded Malia’s absence of change and powers. She drove the little gathering, which left LLU mystery camp after they lost confidence to Malia. She was gotten by Supremo’s vampire workers. She gave a craftsman draw of Malia’s picture to Supremo to set her free. She was chomped by Supremo as remuneration and turned into a half and half. She was murdered by Veruska after she demonstrated her savage propensities as result of being cross breed.

Chloe Dizon is performed by Hannah Ledesma on Pinoy TV. Her pretended as one of LLU individuals, who reprimanded Malia’s absence of change. She was a piece of the little gathering, drove by Denice, who left LLU mystery camp after they lost confidence in Malia. She passed on amid LLU massacre.

Rita is performed by Ethyl Osorio in Pinoy TV. La Liga Unida (or LLU) under Frederick’s initiative.

Claudette is performed by Jade Ecleo on Pinoy TV. La Liga Unida (or LLU) under Frederick’s initiative.

Bits Obach assumed his part as LLU werewolf partner under Frederick’s initiative on Pinoy TV’s play la luna snagre.

JR Frias assumed his part as LLU vampire partner under Frederick’s authority. He kicked the bucket amid LLU slaughter.

Nina Espinosa assumed her part as LLU werewolf partner under Frederick’s initiative in drama of Pinoy TV. She passed on amid LLU slaughter.

Cherry is La Liga Unida (or LLU) under Frederick’s initiative in play of Pinoy TV.

Ilustre is performed by Jelson Bay on Pinoy TV. His pretended as Cherry’s significant other and one of the neighbors of Rodriguez family in San Isidro. Following 14 years, he experienced Malia in Cherry’s Ukay-Ukay advertise slowly down in San Isidro. Malia got an argumentation amongst Cherry and him. Ilustre did not perceive Malia.

Diana is performed by Sam Pinto in drama of Pinoy TV. Her pretended as Supremo’s vampire hireling. She was spared by Supremo from an endeavored pack assault. She sold her body to Supremo as remuneration for sparing her life. She turned into a vampire a while later. She was his sexual intrigue and Elisse called her as his “kind of the month”. She was executed by Supremo after he lost trust in his vampire workers.

Therine is performed by Myrtle Sarrosa in play on Pinoy TV. Her pretended as Supremo’s vampire hireling. She is depicted as the most trusted vampire partner by Supremo. She restricted Joshua’s thoughts. She was mixed up as a backstabber to Supremo. Therefore, she was slaughtered by Supremo.



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