PINOY TV Show Eat Bulaga

PINOY TV Show Eat Bulaga

PINOY TV Show Eat Bulaga
PINOY TV Show Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga! (or EB) is that the longest running early afternoon theatrical presentation on Pinoy PINOY TV within the Philippines created by Television And Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE). To begin with air date is July thirty, 1979 and therefore the show is at the moment aired by GMA Network. The show communicates from The New TAPE Studios (Eastside Studio) at the Broadway bone in New Manila, metropolis. Eat Bulaga! is broadcast Weekdays at 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm and Saturdays at 11:30 am to 2:30 pm (PST) on Pinoy PINOY TV. The show is likewise communicated worldwide through GMA Pinoy PINOY TV and by means of livestreaming on YouTube. Eat Bulaga name roughly means “Noon Surprise!”

Pinoy PINOY TV show Eat Bulaga will commend its 39th year on July 30, 2018. Eat Bulaga holding the record of being the longest-running early afternoon program ever on Pinoy PINOY TV.

Its first abroad establishment was Eat Bulaga! Indonesia (turned into The New Eat Bulaga! Indonesia from 2014 to 2016), which keep going publicized on Indonesia’s anPinoy TV, and debuted on Indonesia’s SCPINOY TV on July 16, 2012.Eat Bulaga! turned into the primary Philippine network show to be diversified by another country.

History of PINOY TV Show Eat Bulaga

The RPN years (1979– 1989)

Generation Specialists, Inc., an organization possessed by Romy Jalosjos, brought making an early afternoon appear for Radio Philippines Network (RPN). Antonio Tuviera, who was working for the organization, suspected that the comic troika of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon, also called PINOY TVJ (who had picked up distinction through GMA Network’s Discorama and as substitutes for Student Canteen, however consequently left both), would be the ideal hosts for the new program of Eat Bulaga at Pinoy PINOY TV. At a meeting at the InterContinental Manila parking garage (now shut), Tuviera made the offer to them; they accepted.

De Leon begat the title of the show: Eat speaks to noon while Bulaga (which signifies “to astonish”) speaks to their arrangement to fill the show with enormous surprises. The title is likewise a play on two youngsters’ games: Eat is its transliteration from the diversion tag while Bulaga! refers to Peekaboo!. Along these lines the trademark “Hangga’t May Bata, May Eat Bulaga!” (“While There Are Children, There will be Eat Bulaga!”) was begat, likewise by de Leon.

PINOY TV Variety shows Eat…Bulaga! debuted on July 30, 1979. On PINOY TVJ, alongside Chiqui Hollman and Richie Reyes (a.k.a. Richie d’ Horsie) were the first hosts. During its initial couple of months reporting in real time, the Eat Bulaga show was in risk of cancelation. Not exclusively did it confront rivalry against the longest-running early afternoon appear around then, Student Canteen, it likewise needed advertisers. What’s more, PINOY TVJ did not get their compensations for six months.

Eat…Bulaga! the variety show gradually increased best appraising status in 1980 on Pinoy TV after the presentation of the section “Mr. Macho.” Production Specialists soon gave generation to Tuviera’s TAPE, Inc. In May 1982 on Pinoy TV, the household satellite was propelled, permitting Eat…Bulaga! also, other RPN projects to be publicized across the country. Amid a similar time, Coney Reyes joined the show Eat Bulaga while Hollman moved to Student Canteen. In 1987, Aiza Seguerra joined the show in the wake of completing as a sprinter up in the “Little Miss Philippines” segment.

Its effortlessly unmistakable signature melody that starts with the celebrated expression “Mula Aparri hanggang Jolo” was presented on August 8, 1982(EB’s third Anniversary) on Pinoy TV. The verses of the tune were composed by Vincent Dy Buncio and Pancho Oppus, while the tune was formed by Vic Sotto and melodic game plan by Homer Flores. This popular signature tune was modified commonly and was utilized to various opening bulletins of EB.

A meeting with Joey de Leon uncovered that he, Tito and Vic never marked any agreement with Eat…Bulaga! when they were offered to end up hosts of the show. Vic Sotto admitted that he acknowledged the offer and would quickly stop once he had enough cash to purchase an individual vehicle. Joey de Leon likewise conceded that the show was just expected to be a transient work. Be that as it may, Eat…Bulaga! vanquished Student Canteen in the appraisals following 2 years and PINOY TVJ chose to remain with the show. Up right up ’til the present time, no agreements tie Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon to the show or to TAPE, Inc. Fellowship and their reliability to the show are the main factors that keep them together.

The ABS-CBN years (1989– 1995) on Pinoy TV

In the year 1989, Eat…Bulaga! moved to ABS-CBN (under a co-generation assention) with other TAPE-created indicates Agila, Coney Reyes on Camera and Okay Ka, Fairy Ko!(from IBC) because of issues realized by the sequestration of RPN. On February 18, 1989, the show Eat Bulaga debuted on its new home of the said organize, which was arranged at the Araneta Coliseum aside its festival on its tenth commemoration on September 23, 1989.

Reyes left in 1992. She was supplanted by swimming champion Christine Jacob (later she moved to Magandang Tanghali Bayan in late 1998). By 1992, Tito Sotto began seeming just on ends of the week in the wake of fixing the senatorial races that May.

The GMA years (1995– present) on Pinoy TV

To begin with decade on GMA and silver commemoration (1995– 2004)

By the 1990s on Pinoy TV, ABS-CBN needed to purchase the airing privileges of Eat…Bulaga! from TAPE Inc. Be that as it may, Tuviera and Malou Choa-Fagar rejected the arrangement, driving ABS-CBN to choose not to recharge its agreement with TAPE, Inc. what’s more, expel Eat…Bulaga! what’s more, its sister demonstrates Valiente and Okay Ka, Fairy Ko from its list (except for Coney Reyes on Camera) and to reformat its Sunday indicate Sa Linggo nAPO Sila into seven days in length appear, ‘Sang Linggo nAPO Sila.

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The show Eat…Bulaga! serial of Pinoy TV moved to GMA, whose endeavors to depose it with Lunch Date (substitution of Student Canteen soon after the 1986 People Power Revolution) and SST: Salo-Salo Together have failed. The show made its debut broadcast on its new home on January 28, 1995, again at the Araneta Coliseum, with a PINOY TV exceptional Eat… Bulaga!: The Moving. Before this, month-long advancements (from December 1994 to January 1995) were made by concocting the infectious promotions, 9– 2=7, Totoo ang Sie7e (“Nine less two equivalents seven, Seven is truly valid”), insinuating the show’s turn from Channel 9 (RPN) to Channel 2 (ABS-CBN) to Channel 7 (GMA). It was likewise a homecoming for PINOY TVJ, who already facilitated Discorama and squeeze hit for Student Canteen on GMA before leaving the system for Eat…Bulaga!.

In 1999, Eat…Bulaga! turned into the first to give away millions on Philippine PINOY TV. At the point when Magandang Tanghali Bayan, at that point the early afternoon show of ABS-CBN, presented “Pera o Bayong” to its group of onlookers, it turned into a moment hit, making MTB top the appraisals of Eat…Bulaga for a long time. This constrained the Eat…Bulaga! administration to give the initial millions, through its sections “Meron o Wala” in the mid-1999 and after that “Laban o Bawi” in the late 2000 to get the crowd intrigue back.

Eat Bulaga! commended its 25th year on PINOY TV on November 19, 2004 at the amphitheater, Expo Pilipino in Clark Air Base, Angeles, Pampanga, making it the longest-running early afternoon appear in the Philippines. The PINOY TV unique was gone to by an expected at more than 60,000 spectators and appreciated the most astounding daytime PINOY TV rating in the Philippines. It won the Best Entertainment (One-Off/Annual) Special at the Asian Television Award in Singapore on December 1, 2005. The occasion was hailed as the best on Philippine PINOY TV, barely coordinated just by the first Starstruck Final Judgment. The introduction, titled Eat Bulaga Silver Special, was communicated on November 28, 2004. By this time, Eat Bulaga! had altered its title, dropping the three dabs.

Second decade on GMA, 30th commemoration (2005– 2014)

In 2005, Eat Bulaga! was circulated out of the blue worldwide through GMA Network’s universal channel, GMA Pinoy TV.

In 2006 on Pinoy TV, the SexBomb Girls left the show because of a debate with its producers. The show, thus, opened tryouts for new in-house artists, under the name ‘EB Babes’, as a reality rivalry. The gathering formally appeared on August of that year. In March 2007 on Pinoy TV, the SexBomb Girls returned as normal cast members.

In September 2007 on Pinoy TV, a progression of word wars happened between Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame, the host of Eat Bulaga’s! equal show Wowowee because of the Hello Pappy scandal.

In November 2007 on Pinoy TV, EB propelled its first since forever provincial form on GMA Cebu with the title Eat Na Ta!. Eat Na Ta sa Radyo (disclosed amid weekdays) was propelled on November 12 and Eat Na Ta sa PINOY TV (publicized amid Saturdays) debuted on November 24 of that year. It filled in as a pre-programming for Eat Bulaga! in Visayas until 2008.

On March 6, 2009 on Pinoy TV, Francis Magalona, one of the show’s long-term co-has, surrendered to leukemia. The next day, the show created a tribute scene in which the entire cast played out his melodies devoted to his memory. Amid the tribute, it was uncovered that Magalona authored the word ‘Dabarkads’, a famous name to the Eat Bulaga family. Magalona is likewise known for yelling “Consistent Na!” to start from Eat Bulaga’s Saturday release to Philippine showbiz arranged syndicated program Startalk. After his demise, the Eat Bulaga! what’s more, Startalk has proceeded with the consistent custom until the point when it was halted in the later piece of the year in September 2010 on Pinoy TV.

In 2009 on Pinoy TV, Eat Bulaga! commended its 30th commemoration, named as Tatlong Dekads ng Dabarkads (Three Decades of the Dabarkads). The show concentrated on respecting and helping exceptional individuals, including 30 poor, persevering understudies and other regular legends as a motion of paying back to the general population who bolstered them.

In February 2011on Pinoy TV, the SexBomb Girls alongside the gathering’s choreographer Joy Cancio left again, this time for ABS-CBN’s Happy Yipee Yehey!

On October 6, 2011 on Pinoy TV, Eat Bulaga! propelled its end table book called Ang Unang Tatlong Dekada (The First Three Decades). It was composed by veteran feature writer and PINOY TV have Butch Francisco and outlined by Joey de Leon’s child Jako de Leon. Alongside the book, Eat Bulaga! gave away 3000 restricted release CDs of the 2004 Silver Special Anniversary celebration. Additionally, GMA News and Public Affairs created a narrative titled Kuwentong Dabarkads facilitated by Dingdong Dantes.

On August 18, 2012 on Pinoy TV, Eat Bulaga! broadcast an uncommon scene commending its 33rd commemoration without business breaks, the first run through in its history. A soundtrack, Dabarkads D’ Album: A Party for everyJUAN, highlighting tunes advanced by the Eat Bulaga! cast, and in addition the subject tunes utilized by the show, was discharged in July 2013.

On July 16, 2012 on Pinoy TV, Indonesia’s SCPINOY TV Network broadcast the show’s first worldwide establishment, Eat Bulaga! Indonesia (later The New Eat Bulaga! Indonesia). The system, which had considered securing the rights for a nearby form for as far back as five years, began formal arrangements with TAPE Inc. in April 2012 on Pinoy TV, with endorsement given in June that same year.SCPINOY TV Network’s Eat Bulaga! Indonesia finished on April 3, 2014 because of poor evaluations caused by the sudden takeoff of their fundamental head has in 2014. In any case, the show inevitably came back to the wireless transmissions on November 17, 2014 on its new home system, anPinoy TV, with the new title, The New Eat Bulaga! Indonesia until its last episodes ended  in 2016 on  Pinoy TV.

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Because of open request, Eat Bulaga! restored its customary Lenten season dramatization specials amid the 2014 Holy Week following an eight-year calm. Not at all like its past creations, the endearing stories delivered every year are either unique stories or enlivened by consistent with biographies of previous challengers of the well known section, “Juan for All, All for Juan.” Either maybe a couple scenes are demonstrated every day from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday notwithstanding the arrival of the dramatization specials in 2014, Eat Bulaga! started to hold a yearly honors service called “Dabarkads Awards” to perceive perfection in stories and exhibitions for the year’s Lenten introduction.

Third decade on GMA and AlDub marvel (2015– 2017)

Voyager Innovations, Inc. (claimed by PLDT), a Philippines-based innovation organization, discharged the official versatile application of the show on January 23, 2015 on Pinoy TV. Eat Bulaga! is the main early afternoon show to dispatch their own portable application that would enable their fans to remain associated with the hosts. The application additionally contains selective recordings from the show’s thirty-five years on PINOY TV and also a versatile form of one of its most vital amusement fragments, Pinoy Henyo.

The prominence of Eat Bulaga! An Pinoy TV’s show was significantly expanded in July 2015 after the unintentional arrangement of another affection group between co-has Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza, and the possible improvement of Kalyeserye, a farce cleanser musical drama worked around the couple. The new loveteam, prevalently known as AlDub, tripled the show’s typical AGB Nielsen Mega Manila and across the nation PINOY TV appraisals, and #AlDub turned into the best every day slanting theme on Twitter in the Philippines and even worldwide. The point of reference snapshots of the amazing loveteam helped the show gather some of its untouched high evaluations. Its August 8, 2015 scene, which should highlight the initially meeting of Richards and Mendoza, all things considered, however didn’t happen in light of the fact that Mendoza startlingly swooned amid the scene and must be taken to the doctor’s facility, enlisted a Mega Manila rating that is over 30%, a PINOY TV rating that has not been accomplished by Eat Bulaga! since its 2004 Silver Anniversary Special.

Its August 12, 2015 on Pinoy TV scene, which exhibited a Cinderella-like story and the close meeting of Richards and Mendoza, posted a rating of 36.1%, which was a phenomenal achievement for a weekday episode. Its September 5 scene, the day when Richards and Mendoza at last observed each other out of the blue, enrolled a rating of 39.5%. Its September 19 and September 26 scenes, the first and second dates of AlDub, earned appraisals of 41.3% and 45.7%, individually, which are the most noteworthy evaluated scenes of 2015. These scenes were likewise the primary circumstances that Eat Bulaga! tapped the 40 percent check. Due to the AlDub wonder, Eat Bulaga! holds 10 out of 10 most elevated evaluated scenes in 2015.

Kalyeserye went on rest on September 3, 2016 and returned on October 15 following a month-break. By and by, the fragment finished on December 17, 2016, having an aggregate of 400 scenes. Their “Kalyeserye” like-storyline has proceeded on their first primetime arrangement Destined to be yours which broadcast from February 27 to May 26, 2017.

On September 30, 2017 show on Pinoy TV, Eat Bulaga! presented their new opening board (OBB) wherein it grandstands the sightings and attractions of the Philippines since “Mula Batanes hanggang Jolo” is the initial segment of the show’s signature tune. Ryan Agoncillo, together with Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza featured in the OBB wherein they additionally bond in with various people.

Sa Tamang Panahon advantage concert

October 24, 2015 on Pinoy TV, Eat Bulaga! held an advantage show at the Philippine Arena to thank the devotees of AlDub and to raise reserves for building libraries in specific schools over the Philippines and for the casualties of Typhoon Lando. The most anticipated occasion for the loveteam likewise denoted a noteworthy defining moment of the Kalyeserye story; the couple could see and associate with each other with no obstacle from Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola’s character in Kalyeserye) The exceptional show named as “Sa Tamang Panahon” (At the Right Time) pulled in an expected 55,000 individuals, turning into the biggest indoor gathering of people ever of Eat Bulaga!. Ticket deals for premium seats were sold-out three hours after Lola Nidora reported the show on Pinoy TV October 17, 2015. Whatever remains of the tickets were sold-out following three days. Following 24 hours, #ALDubEBTamangPanahon, the authority hashtag for the occasion, came to 41 million tweets, turning into the third most tweeted subject for the PINOY TV classification worldwide in 2015 and the most utilized hashtag inside 24 hours on Twitter. According to AGB Nielsen, the live airing of the occasion could gather a 50.8% Mega Manila family unit rating, turning into the most watched appear in 2015 on Pinoy TV. Without precedent for the show’s history, Eat Bulaga! could break the half check.


Fundamental hosts

  • Tito Sotto (1979– present)
  • Vic Sotto (1979– present)
  • Joey de Leon (1979– present)


  • Jimmy Santos (1981– present)
  • Ruby Rodriguez (1991– present)
  • Allan K. (1995– present)
  • Jose Manalo (1995– present)
  • Anjo Yllana (1998– present)
  • Wally Bayola (2000– present)
  • Paolo Ballesteros (2001– present)
  • Janno Gibbs (2001– present)
  • Michael V. (2003– present)
  • Pia Guanio (2004– present)
  • Keempee de Leon (2004– present)
  • Pauleen Luna (2005– present)
  • Ryan Agoncillo (2009– present)
  • Ryzza Mae Dizon (2012– present)
  • Patricia Tumulak (2015– present)
  • Alden Richards (2015– present)
  • Maine Mendoza (2015– present)
  • Taki Saito (2016– present)
  • Baste (2016– present)
  • Sinon Loresca (2016– present)
  • Luane Dy (2017– present)


  • Jake Ejercito (2016– present), Kalyeserye’s Jake, Yaya Dub’s attractive and brilliant schoolmate in Marketing class)
  • Gov Lloyd (2017– present)
  • Ruffa Gutierrez (1995– 1998, 2017– present)
  • Boobay (2016, Kalyeserye’s Yaya Pak, 2017– present, Mother Goose, Quiz Vee portion)
  • Teri Onor (2002– 2007, 2017– present, Mother Goose, Quiz Vee section)

Miss Millennial Philippines 2017

This section fills in as the greatest astonishment for Eat Bulaga! on its 38th commemoration on Pinoy TV, this fragment grandstands the magnificence of the Philippines wherein 38 applicants will take us to a voyage of their spoke to territory, they exhibit each fascination and nourishments too, The prizes are as per the following; P500,000, an apartment suite unit from Bria, a 2017 Mitsubishi Montero Sport, and a region which has their proposed ventures for their town or city will get one million pesos; the chose “Bayanihan Queen” would win P100,000.

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Jackpot En Poy

Jackpot En Poy is an amusement section in light of the great kids’ diversion rock– paper– scissors. Four players are matched to contend in the three-round portion. In the first round, the main combine plays against each other until the point that one player wins three times. The following pair at that point plays against each other in the second round. The champs from the initial two adjusts at that point contend with each other to at last decide a definitive victor. The victor of the diversion at that point proceeds onward to the last round. In the last round, the player is given a few Dabarkads, each holding distinctive measures of money prize. The player will then pick three Dabarkads who he or she will play rock– paper– scissors against. The player conflicts with them each one in turn. On the off chance that the player wins against any of the Eat Bulaga! host, he or she will win the money prize.

The consistent official for the portion is Australian wellness mentor and way of life mentor Gov Lloyd. Other visitor superstars who turned into the ref of the section incorporate Ruffa Gutierrez, Dabarkads co-have Jose Manalo, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Brandon Vera, and Jay Contreras.

After the engaging refereeing spell of Ruffa Gutierrez as the “sosyal na arbitrator”, Ruffa was welcomed back to Eat Bulaga! to wind up noticeably a consistent ref in the fragment Jackpot En Poy,earning the moniker “Ruffaree”. Ruffa now officials the amusement on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Gov Lloyd arbitrators the diversion whatever remains of the week.

Juan for All, All for Juan: Bayanihan of d’ Pipol

Named by Joey de Leon as “Bayanihan na May kasamang swerte”, this portion demonstrates the genuine motivation behind Eat Bulaga! — to help less lucky Filipinos and to offer joy to each Juan who bolstered them consistently. It is cooperatively facilitated by the barangay has and the studio has. The section has a part screen arrange keeping in mind the end goal to all the while demonstrate the happenings in the studio on the left screen and in the barangay on the right.

Incorporated into this fragment is the “Plastic ni Juan Project”, where the plastic containers they gather from the barangays they visit are transformed into school easy chairs, to be given to their picked school in a particular barangay.

Lola’s Playlist: Beat the Champion

Lola’s Playlist: Beat the Championis the second version of the section Lola’s Playlist that debuted not as much as a month after the stupendous finals of the first release. It is not any more piece of the ancient Kalyeserye, yet it stayed as a subsegment of Juan for All, All for Juan: Bayanihan of d’ Pipol. Not at all like the first release where there is just a single champion, Lola’s Playlist: Beat the Champion announces a champion toward the finish of every week. Day by day victors will contend with each other in the week after week finals where just two contenders will progress to challenge the present champion in the week after week title round.

Seasonal Fragments and Specials

Broadway Boys in Concert

Broadway Boys in Concert is an extraordinary week after week melodic introduction highlighting four of the five title finalists of the main period of Lola’s Playlist with the most regarded proficient artists of the Philippine media outlet. The Broadway Boys are made out of Joshua Torino, Joshua Lumbao, Benidict Aboyme, and Francis Aglabtin.


Bulagaan is a veteran section of Eat Bulaga! On Pinoy TV including has conveying “thump” jokes in a classroom situation, with the hosts separated into gatherings, wearing school regalia, and singing their responses to the instructor’s inquiry. Subsequent to playing out, the gathering turns a mammoth roulette (numbered from 00 to 100) which is the premise of their score. The gathering with the most reduced score will be rebuffed toward the finish of the section and later going free-for-all, tossing cream pies at each other. This section happens now and again, as a rule amid occasions or other unique events.

Eat Bulaga’s Lenten Special

In 1981 on Pinoy TV, Eat Bulaga! begun a convention of suspending its consistent programming amid the Holy Week. Rather, the show is supplanted with dramatization specials from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday including tragic stories that pass on critical lessons about existence and family. The extraordinary programming stars the Eat Bulaga! hosts and unique visitor performing artists. The generation of new Lenten specials was put on hold in 2007 on Pinoy TV. Amid its seven-year rest, exemplary scenes of its old Lenten specials were broadcast. The creation of new scenes made its rebound in 2014 on Pinoy TV, and is roused by consistent with biographies of previous champs from Juan for All, All for Juan: Bayanihan of d’ Pipol. The Lenten offerings are disclosed every year since then.

Studios utilized by Eat Bulaga!

Eat Bulaga! Show of Pinoy TV as of now communicates from the Eastside Studio of the Broadway Centrum in Quezon City since 1995. EB will soon move to its new cutting edge studio, the APT Studios (in the past KB Entertainment Studios) in Cainta, Rizal by 2017 for the show to suit more people.

RPN years

  • Broadcast City Live Studio 1 (July 30, 1979 – February 17, 1989 on Pinoy TV)

ABS-CBN years

  • ABS-CBN Studio 1, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center (now Dolphy Theater) (February 18, 1989 – 1994 on Pinoy TV)
  • ABS-CBN Studio 2, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center (amid unique events)
  • ABS-CBN Studio 3, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center (1994 – January 27, 1995 on Pinoy TV)

GMA years

  • Celebrity Sports Plaza (January 28, 1995 – August 31, 1995 on Pinoy TV)
  • TAPE Studio (Eastside Studio), Broadway Centrum (September 1, 1995 – December 31, 2009; March 6, 2010 – present on Pinoy TV)
  • Westside Studio, Broadway Centrum (GMA Broadway Live Studio; utilized while Eastside Studio was redesigned) (January 1, 2010 – March 5, 2010 on Pinoy TV)
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