Pinoy TV show-Encantadia (2016 TV series)  

Pinoy TV show-Encantadia (2016 TV series)

Pinoy TV Show Encantadia (2016 TV Series)
Pinoy TV Show Encantadia (2016 TV Series)


Encantadia is a Philippine fantasy Pinoy TV series by GMA Network based from the 2005 fantasy TV series of the same name. Acting as a reboot (frequently called as requel or retelling-continuation), it was the fourth series in the Encantadia establishment and was circulated eleven years after the third one. The fantasy show Encantadia debuted on July 18, 2016 on Pinoy TV in the Philippines and worldwide through GMA Pinoy TV and finished on May 19, 2017. It is likewise indicated solely online through iflix at 1080p top quality video as video on demand.

The cast of Pinoy TV show Encantadia was formally uncovered live on April 4, 2016 on 24 Oras. The part of Sang’gre Amihan was played by Kylie Padilla, Sang’gre Alena by Gabbi Garcia, Sang’gre Danaya by Sanya Lopez and Sang’gre Pirena by Glaiza de Castro. According to the executive, Mark Reyes, the Pinoy TV series was initially set to keep running until December 2016 yet after its prosperity it was stretched out until February 2017. Due to the show’s steady high appraisals, GMA expanded the series until April 2017, and indeed reached out until May 19, 2017 on Pinoy TV.

In 2017 on Pinoy TV, it was declared that Encantadia Director’s Cut will be transferred on their Facebook page and YouTube station, the cuts that were not appeared on TV that may imply for the following season. Also, later, it was authoritatively affirmed that Encantadia will repeat another season with various mood and will air before the finish of the decade; as a portion of the cast will have their new shows for a while.

Series outline of Pinoy TV show- Encantadia


The series had an aggregate of 218 scenes on Pinoy TV.


Pinoy TV show Encantadia is a huge and captivated domain. It includes three noteworthy kingdoms: Lireo, Sapiro and Hathoria and one self-governing an area, Adamya.

Toward the starting, Pinoy TV show Encantadia found a sense of contentment; there was just a single gemstone, the Mother Gem, given by their god, Emre. It guaranteed the adjustment of nature in Encantadia. Be that as it may, avaricious encantados, for example, a pixie named Adhara, needed to grab the energy of the diamond. To adjust the forces to every kingdom and to make it harder to grab the forces at the same time, the attendant of the Mother Gem, the pixie ruler and author of the queendom of Lireo, Cassiopeia, settled on the portentous choice and separated the diamond. It brought about a fierce blast and the once single pearl wound up plainly four sections. Every gemstone was given to the four noteworthy domains of Encantadia.

  • Lireo, in the east, is the matriarchal queendom of diwatas and lambanas (pixies and fairies). They tended to Brilyante ng Hangin (Gemstone of Air). It is the home of the sanctuary of their incomparable god, Emre.
  • Sapiro, in the north, is the kingdom of healers and valiant warriors. They kept the Brilyante ng Lupa (Gemstone of Earth). Their property is honored with ripe soil and minerals like no other kingdom in their reality.
  • Hathoria, in the west, is the kingdom of aggressive excavators and metal forgers that create weapons and war apparatus. They held the Brilyante ng Apoy (Gemstone of Fire).
  • Adamya, in the south, is the domain of lamang-lupas (dwarves and hobbits). They kept the Brilyante ng Tubig (Gemstone of Water). This region encompassed by the Adamyan Ocean, flourishes in angling and cultivating. It is additionally the main unfortified region in Encantadia.

Cassiopeia imagined this would convey peace to their property yet rather it brought tumult.

In Pinoy TV’s serial Hathoria drove by King Arvak, offered in to their ravenousness and began a war to assert alternate diamonds that they may pick up power and administer over their entire world. He needed the regular assets brought by the gemstones for the progression of his own kingdom, solidly trusting that their kingdom is additionally meriting keeping all the four gemstones. In the wake of grabbing the Gemstone of Water from Adamya, the Hathors battled with the Sapiro, in quest for the Gemstone of Earth. Lord Arvak grabbed the Gemstone of Earth from King Armeo of Sapiro before slaughtering him. Afterward, King Arvak was murdered by the Prince Raquim of Sapiro, Armeo’s child. Before Arvak kicked the bucket, Raquim guaranteed the Gemstones of Water, Earth and Fire from Arvak’s ownership. The demise of King Arvak debilitated the Hathor compel and influenced them to withdraw. Yet, Hathoria, in countering, figured out how to slaughter the Sapiryan illustrious family and annihilate the kingdom. The kingdom of Sapiro fell and was left in ruins, its residents scattered into various tribes in the northern mountains. Ruler Raquim instantly conveyed the three gemstones to Queen Mine-an of Lireo, the present guardian of Gemstone of Air, for protection. The four diamonds have not been isolated since. From that point forward, the ruler of Lireo rules the kingdom as well as is entrusted to be the defender of the four gemstones.

A huge number of years have passed and the story unfurls in Lireo, when Queen Mine-a will pick her successor from her girls, the four Sang’gres (Royal Blood Fairies), Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya. She and Imaw, a senior from Adamya, can feel fast approaching threat sneaking, and as she is being called to Devas (the universe of the favored dead), she needs to leave the kingdom of Lireo in great and proficient hands. She put her girls under serious scrutiny to see their capacities and know who is best fit to be the following ruler. Mine-a picks and crowns Amihan, which regrettably, prompted her defiance. Pirena’s injustice set the chain of occasions that happened for the partition of the gemstones. Pirena, in the wake of having stolen the Gemstone of Fire, agreed with the Hathors and gave them back the power they’ve lost. Hathoria now intends to ascend from covering up and convey Lireo to its downfall, with the end in perspective of decision over the entire of Encantadia. Luckily, Queen Mine-a proceeding her passing willed the rest of the gemstones to her girls. The most youthful, Danaya turned into the manager of the Gemstone of Earth. Her third girl, Alena, turned into the manager of the Gemstone of Water and her second little girl and new ruler of Lireo, Amihan, turned into the guardian of the Gemstone of Air.

Pirena faked compromise with her sisters after their mom’s passing. She concealed her conspiracy with Hathoria from her sisters. In view of Pirena’s untruths and controls, she was effective in obliterating the relationship of her sisters and usurping the position of royalty from Amihan through the assistance of King Hagorn of Hathoria. Yet, her foul play returned to her as she found past the point of no return that King Hagorn was simply utilizing her to access the gemstones. With the Gemstone of Fire and Water back in Hathorian hands, the predetermined friend in need of Encantadia, Amihan’s lost little girl, Lira, must join the four sisters to increase back the lost gemstone and to convey adjust again to their reality. They will likewise discover a partner in a warrior named Ybarro, which was later uncovered to be the lost and just surviving individual from the Sapiryan illustrious family, Prince Ibrahim, bound to join together and bring back the greatness of the fallen kingdom of Sapiro. The sisters will soon discover that the best enchantment of all is pardoning and adore and that exclusive through solidarity would they be able to stop the underhanded that spread through their domain.

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Be that as it may, with the Gemstone of Fire and Water under Hathorian hands, the sisters thought that it was difficult to recover Lireo from Hathorian run the show. They will discover their answer in the most far-fetched of all creatures. A lost human kid that was seized into Encantadia named Paopao turned into Amihan’s guardian angel. They might soon find that the kid employs an obscure Gemstone, the Gemstone of Quintessence/Soul; it was shot amid the blast the night the Mother Gem was severed. It was covered in the earth, avoided the information of all encantados, until the point when Paopao incidentally found the gemstone. The new gemstone will give the sisters the use and plan to conflict with the now capable Hathorian honored position.

Luckily, the sisters figured out how to cut down the kingdom of Hathoria and convey peace to their domain. They additionally prevail with regards to joining the pearl sections to frame the Mother Gem once more. They thought they have accomplished peace yet another danger came to their direction. A deep rooted revile by the overlooked domain of Etheria was still in movement, the realm of Etheria (its whole four tribes) alongside its four Herans (Etherian Royal Bloods) is restored into the present.

Etheria was an old realm that loved the fallen snake goddess, Ether, Emre’s most outstanding adversary. It comprised of four Heras (tribes) with the individuals from each house having an exceptional capacity given by Ether related with their home.

  • Hera Andal, the administering tribe and Etheria’s capital and home of the Monarch, Empress Avria. Its natives are known to have learning in dark enchantment, dull expressions and witchcraft and have territory over life and passing through their broad information of the mending expressions and divination.
  • Hera Volo, the tribe of Etheria’s military and infantry that have uncommon capacities in the class of time, space and speed, (for example, quickening or improving the speed of their developments, teleportation, time travel and control of time). It is going by Etheria’s military general, Hera Juvila.
  • Hera Sensa, the tribe of Etheria’s researchers. They are mystics, mind perusers, clairvoyants, and have different forces or capacities including the brain. It is going by Avria’s ever steadfast hireling, Hera Andora.
  • Hera Ae-ga, the puzzling tribe made out of just ladies. They can control and manage feelings/emotions; they are additionally gifted in bows and arrows. It is going by Hera Odessa.

The four regions of Encantadia were once vassals of Etheria. Due to their strength and power, Etherians wound up plainly unfeeling and needed to overcome the entire of Encantadia for the sake of their goddess, Ether. The four domains joined together and with the assistance of Emre (through his blessing, the Mother Gem), Etheria was pulverized totally and was overlooked from the recollections of all encantados. Through the ruses of the goddess, Ether, Etheria returned to the present time, however not at all like some time recently, the Etherians now know better. They now realize that as long as the gemstones are in the hands of the pixies, they have no possibility of winning yet by utilizing their own shortcomings, it is less demanding to annihilate the sisters and get their separate gemstones and by doing as such their domain could be remade again in the present.

Likewise their god, Ether and her sweetheart, Arde can at last usurp the perfect position of royalty of Emre in Devas. The fight of the three gods backpedals to the absolute starting point of Encantadia when Arde and Ether endeavored to expel Emre due to desire of Emre’s numerous admirers. Emre in striking back, transformed Arde into a mythical serpent and made him the ruler of Bala’ak (Encantadian black market) while Ether in light of her bad form was transformed into a monster wind, left to meander Encantadia until the end of time.

The Herans of Etheria deceived the sisters into conflicting with each other. The occasions will challenge the trust and devotion of the sisters to each other and to their obligation as defenders of the jewels and their domain. The destiny of their reality rests in their solidarity, trust and love. The sisters should likewise persuade the other ousted divinities, the moon goddess, Haliya and the decimation god, Keros to agree with Emre in a heavenly war while attempting to locate the up and coming age of Encantados that will be qualified to acquire the forces of the gemstones and the obligation to secure their property.

Cast and characters of Pinoy TV Show Encantadia

Fundamental cast of Pinoy TV show- Encantadia

  • Glaiza de Castro as Hara/Queen Pirena of Hathoria on Pinoy TV
  • Kylie Padilla as Hara Durié Amihan of Lireo on Pinoy TV
  • Gabbi Garcia as Hara/Queen Alena of Lireo-Adamya/Aquesha on Pinoy TV
  • Sanya Lopez as Hara Durié Danaya of Lireo-Sapiro on Pinoy TV
  • Mikee Quintos as Sang’gre Lira of Sapiro-Lireo/Kambi/Milagros “Mila” Quizon on Pinoy TV
  • Kate Valdez as Sang’gre Mira of Lireo-Hathoria on Pinoy TV
  • Rocco Nacino as Mashna Aquil ng Lireo on Pinoy TV
  • Ruru Madrid as Rama/King Ybrahim ng Sapiro on Pinoy TV
  • Janice Hung as Bathalumang Ether on Pinoy TV

Supporting cast of Pinoy TV show- Encantadia

  • Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico depicts two parts
  • Hara Durié Cassiopei-a ng Lireo/Bathalumang Cassiope-a/Mata/Sinaunang Diwata
  • Ice Queen
  • Diana Zubiri-Smith as Hara Lilasari ng Lireo-Sapiro/Danaya-Sari
  • Alfred Vargas as Mashna Amarro ng Hathoria-Lireo on Pinoy TV
  • John Arcilla as Rama Hagorn ng Hathoria-Etheria on Pinoy TV
  • Rochelle Pangilinan-Solinap as Mashna-de Agane ng Hathoria/Hera Andora ng Sensa on Pinoy TV
  • Neil Ryan Sese as Rehav Asval on Pinoy TV
  • Carlos Gonzales as Mashna Muros ng Lireo on Pinoy TV
  • Pancho Magno as Mashna Hitano ng Lireo/Verdano on Pinoy TV
  • Klea Pineda as Muyak on Pinoy TV
  • Buboy Villar as Wantuk on Pinoy TV
  • Cheska Iñigo as Mashna-de Mayca ng Sapiro on Pinoy TV
  • Noel Urbano as Imaw’s voice on Pinoy TV

Extended cast of Pinoy TV show- Encantadia

  • Inah de Belen as Deshna ng Hathoria-Sapiro-Lireo/Luna on Pinoy TV
  • Eula Valdes as Hara Avria ng Andal, Etheria on Pinoy TV
  • Phytos Ramirez as Paolo Carlos “Paopao” Aguirre on Pinoy TV
  • Arra San Agustin as Ariana/Amihan on Pinoy TV
  • Marx Topacio as Azulan on Pinoy TV
  • Rey Talosig Jr. as Bathalang Emre on Pinoy TV
  • Zoren Legaspi as ousted Bathalang Emre on Pinoy TV
  • Jinri Park as Hera Juvila ng Volo on Pinoy TV
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Special Participation of Pinoy TV show- Encantadia

  • Marian Rivera-Dantes as Ynang Reyna Minea ng Lireo on Pinoy TV
  • Janice Hung as Mine-an in camouflage on Pinoy TV
  • Dingdong Dantes as Rehav Raquim ng Sapiro on Pinoy TV
  • Sunshine Dizon as Sang’gre Adhara ng Akkadia on Pinoy TV

Akkadia is an adjust reality of Encantadia on Pinoy TV

  • Max Collins-Magno as Sang’gre Amihan I on Pinoy TV
  • Jestoni Alarcon as Rama Armeo, fallen King of Sapiro on Pinoy TV
  • Roi Vinzon as Rama Arvak, fallen King of Hathoria on Pinoy TV
  • Angelu de Leon-Rivera as Amanda Reyes-Quizon
  • Ryan Eigenmann as Berto Reyes on Pinoy TV
  • Miguel Tanfelix as Pagaspas on Pinoy TV
  • Alden Richards as Lakan on Pinoy TV
  • Janine Gutierrez as Agua on Pinoy TV
  • Wynwyn Marquez-Herras as Helgad on Pinoy TV

Guest cast of Pinoy TV show- Encantadia

  • Ana Feleo as Dama Ades on Pinoy TV
  • Christian Bautista as Apitong on Pinoy TV
  • Jaycee Parker as Hara Asnara (Fallen Queen of Sapiro) on Pinoy TV

Some time ago named Minastacia in the old arrangement; likewise called Mayne on Pinoy TV

  • John Feir as Jigs on Pinoy TV
  • Joanna Marie Katanyag as Choleng on Pinoy TV
  • Rafa Siguion-Reyna as Enuo on Pinoy TV
  • Betong Sumaya as Rael on Pinoy TV
  • Leandro Baldemor as Dado Quizon on Pinoy TV
  • Lindsay de Vera as Dina on Pinoy TV
  • Carmen Del Rosario as Rosing on Pinoy TV
  • Kyle Manalo as Louie on Pinoy TV
  • Arny Ross as Silvia Montecarlo on Pinoy TV
  • Nar Cabico as Banjo
  • Maureen Larrazabal as Hafte Lanzu ng Carcero on Pinoy TV
  • Ge Villamil as Hafte Orthana ng Carcero
  • Ermie Concepcion as Vita on Pinoy TV
  • Ervic Vijandre as Mashna Icarus
  • James Teng as Pakô on Pinoy TV
  • Conan Stevens as Vish’ka on Pinoy TV
  • Yuan Francisco as youthful Paopao/Paolo
  • Vaness Del Moral as Dama Gurna on Pinoy TV
  • Edwin Reyes as Dagtum on Pinoy TV
  • Rodjun Cruz as Kambal Diwa of Soul Gem on Pinoy TV
  • Migo Adecer as Anthony Montecarlo
  • Andy Smith as grown-up Anthony Montecarlo on Pinoy TV
  • Tanya Gomez as Salome Aguirre
  • Jake Vargas as Gilas on Pinoy TV
  • Andre Paras as Wahid
  • Joross Gamboa as Rehav Manik on Pinoy TV
  • Ces Aldaba as Evades ng Sensa
  • Mara Alberto as Mashna Kaizan ng Sapiro on Pinoy TV
  • Sheree Bautista-Magdangal as Hera Odessa ng Ae-ga
  • Paolo Gumabao as Jamir, Fallen King of Sapiro and Father of LilaSari
  • Valeen Montenegro as Bathalumang Haliya on Pinoy TV

Independent goddess of magnificence, love, and goodness; claims a spiritualist amazing pet; goddess who lives in the moon and the Adamyan oceans who took spring showers and adores nectar

  • Ian de Leon as Bathalang Keros

Gatekeeper of the dead island faraway from Encantadia named Binyaan; has a blue mythical serpent

  • Lance Serrano as Memfes on Pinoy TV
  • Julianne Lee as Mashna-de Alira Naswen ng Sapiro
  • Avery Paraiso as Rehav Kahlil
  • Ken Alfonso as Gamil
  • Dayara Shane depicts two parts on Pinoy TV
  • Young Amihan
  • Diwani Cassandra ng Sapiro (Ybrahim and LilaSari’s beneficiary, Lira, Amihan, and Cassiope-a’s little girl)
  • Barbara Miguel as adolescent Pirena
  • Andrea Elaine as youthful Pirena
  • JC Movido as youthful Danaya on Pinoy TV
  • Althea Ablan as youthful Alena
  • Chlaui Malayao as youthful Milagros/Lira
  • Kariz Espiñosa as youthful “Lira”/Mira on Pinoy TV

Production of Pinoy TV show Encantadia

On November 5, 2015 in Pinoy TV, Atty. Felipe Gozon, the director and CEO of GMA Network Inc. at long last declared amid a GMA Network public interview, the redo of the effective 2005 fantasy series as a feature of the system’s program line-up for 2016. On January 6, 2016 on Pinoy TV, Chief Mark A. Reyes posted on his Instagram account that he will return as the chief of the series. Suzette Doctolero, who made the primary Encantadia stays as idea maker and set out essayist toward this series. Encantadia was Doctolero’s first head written work venture with the system in 2005 on Pinoy TV, and furthermore filled in as her preparation for composing a dream story for the principal time. She underlined that the Encantadia requel concentrates on amending the errors of the first arrangement.

This requel was first plugged amid Marian Rivera’s reestablishment of series at GMA Network on February 16, 2016 on Pinoy TV wherein she was presented by Lilybeth Rasonable, SVP of Entertainment for GMA Network to want the part of Inang Reyna Mine-a. The next day, it was reported by chief Mark Reyes in 24 Oras that the series is as of now on its pre-creation organize and conceptualization. The primary mystery of Encantadia debuted amid Eat Bulaga on February 14, 2016 including a piece of the power pearls and the notorious “Tadhana” topic song. The principal trailer of Encantadia was discharged June 11, 2016 and for the most part gathered positive surveys. The trailer highlighted the four Sang’gres’ wielding their forces. It likewise demonstrated a look at the rethought domain of Encantadia.

GMA Network Inc. discharged the full trailer of Encantadia (2016) on July 6, 2016 and declared that its TV debut is sooner than anticipated. The show began on July 18, 2016 on GMA Telebabad block. On September 15, 2016, the chief posted on his Instagram account that the retelling closed after 43 scenes, and the 45th will be begin of the 2005’s continuation, expressing that “The retelling closes. Also, the continuation begins,” He additionally included that it’s not around 2005 form any longer, and new storyline will develop on the series.

Casting of Pinoy TV show Encantadia

Filipina on-screen character Marian Rivera assumes the part of (Inang Reyna) Mine-a, the Queen of Lireo, (initially played by Dawn Zulueta). Rivera’s better half, Dingdong Dantes, who played Ybarro in the first series, assumes the part of Raquim, sovereign of Sapiro (initially played by Richard Gomez). It fills in as the rebound series of the couple in the wake of respecting their first girl and their last show together was My Beloved in 2012. Klea Pineda and Migo Adecer additionally join the give a role as a major aspect of their prize in the wake of winning StarStruck VI.

April 4, 2016 on Pinoy TV, the four new Sang’gres of Encantadia series were uncovered live on 24 Oras. Amihan, the attendant of the breeze jewel, initially played by Iza Calzado, is currently depicted by Kylie Padilla. In the show’s question and answer session, Padilla expressed that being thrown in Encantadia puts you as an “A-lister” in demonstrate business. Gabbi Garcia goes up against the part of Alena, the attendant of the water jewel, who was initially played by Karylle. Garcia expressed that the arrangement is her greatest break in the industry. She additionally expressed, “…i’m not by any means going to endeavor to exceed however at that point, we’re not supplanting them simply making another, new form for the youthful groups of onlookers, for the age now”. Newcomer Sanya Lopez is Danaya, the most youthful of the sisters and the attendant of the earth jewel, played by Diana Zubiri in the first arrangement. Lopez expressed that having been contrasted with the first arrangement was a major test for her, yet in a positive way. Glaiza de Castro is the attendant of the diamond of flame, Pirena, initially played by Sunshine Dizon. As indicated by Doctolero, de Castro is the unparalleled decision for the part yet she likewise tried out for it. As indicated by her, she watched and contemplated trainings from celebrated combative techniques craftsmen to prepare for the role. Other cast individuals including their parts likewise showed up after the declaration.

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Daylight Dizon, who played Pirena in the first series, uncovered on May 6, 2016 in Pinoy TV that she partakes on the retelling-spin-off of the 2016 series of Pinoy TV’s show with a major however extraordinary character part, as Adhara. Meanwhile, Diana Zubiri who already played Danaya is likewise given a role as LilaSari.

Seven days before the show, Australian performing artist Conan Stevens, best known for his part on the American dream TV series Game of Thrones, affirmed that he would join the cast in an unspecified part, which later on uncovered as Vish’ka.

As the series advance, couple of uncommon parts rose; the first is Miguel Tanfelix who plays Pagaspas, a Mulawin with a mission to help the diwatas of Lireo. He assumed a similar part 12 years prior on the series of the same name. The following would be Alden Richards, who will likewise play a Mulawin whose appearance has not yet been televised. In a meeting with Manila Times, Richards stated, “…11 years back. I recollect that I watched the show with my family and I was so hypnotized with all the enhancements. When I discovered that GMA was doing a ‘requel’ of Encantadia, I was truly wishing to be a piece of the show. That is the reason when they revealed to me that I have a part in the arrangement, I was so happy…”

Ensemble outline

“The procedure is the same as when we make our mark outfits for customers here and abroad. Since the plans I’ve influenced still to incorporate my mark points of interest, it was not that hard for me and my group to make the outfits. The main distinction is that we needed to consider how these outfits would show up against chroma optical channels utilized as a part of Pinoy TV as Encantadia is a telefantasia which requires chroma.”

Encantadia’s outfit originator is Francis Libiran, a widely acclaimed and widely praised planner in the Philippines who did a broad research to think of the designs. According to Libiran, his group conceptualized together with Encantadia’s creation group and watched old clasps of Encantadia in YouTube to conceptualize the character’s mold sense. The outfits of the sang’gres and Ynang Reyna are tenser and chic contrasted with the toughness/presumptuous themed ensembles in 2005. Each outfit portrays the forces and identities of each sang’gre while demonstrating one thing that they have in like manner Royal. The shades of their outfits coordinate the shades of the jewels that the Sang’gres is guarding. Much the same as in the first series, they wore rich outfits when they were not in a battle. He additionally expressed, “A typical outfit for the most part takes us two months to make yet since we needed to consider the time, we appointed a committed group of skilled workers to deliver the outfits in only 15 days.” According to the cast, they went on a strict eating routine and wellness trainings to secure their shape suited for their dazzling gowns. The cast initially showed up in ensembles amid “ToyCon 2016 Poplife Fan Xperience” at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City on June 10, 2016.

Reception of Pinoy TV show Encantadia

Critical Response

As indicated by an audit by CNN Philippines, Encantadia satisfied its long-gestating buildup. The presentation and the portrayal was a major advance up for the show contrasted with the initial one. It additionally expressed that the new cycle looks superior to the first and paces itself well as far as account and plot. CNN was likewise awed with the battle scenes giving impressions that are being done on a more fabulous scale. They likewise expressed that the scenes have profundity and CG foundations are rendered delightfully and looks a ton slicker and a mess darker, looking like something from the PC rendition of Skyrim which they communicated as a colossal change after finished a decade. Anthea Reyes of was additionally inspired of the arrangement expressing: “…all of our adolescent dreams have come back to primetime TV and it’s returned greater, better, and limitlessly more awesome…”She additionally expressed that “the composition group is utilizing this chance minus all potential limitations to cement the myth, the plot openings, and the inspirations of everything. The essayists of the show could put significance in a stylish decision produced using route earlier and additionally advance the story.” She likewise noticed that the subtle elements of characters ensemble, to the illuminated nearness of the roaming warriors post Sappiro-Hathoria war, up until the point that the mood melodies utilized per each shot were all world class. FHM Philippines additionally made a survey of the show and expresses that the makers of the show attempted to bring home the bacon and breathing world and they succeeded. They additionally forced that despite the fact that it was intensely propelled by Hollywood dream motion pictures, it has the FIlipino flavor including its own twist. They likewise called attention to that one of the shows qualities is that it has its own one of a kind story. FHM additionally expressed that: “Like the first that came 11 years before it, Encantadia gives gatherings of people something new to watch with regards to primetime programming. At last a comment our sense of taste from all the show and sentimental projects that we’ve become usual to.”

A survey by Philippine Entertainment Portal expressed that the show’s executive of photography and cameramen were noteworthy for using distinctive innovative camera points and methods as it added to the power and energy in the scene. They likewise gave positive criticism to its melodic scoring expressing that “One of the variables that added to Encantadia 2005’s prosperity is its melodic scoring, truth be told, it was even lauded in the Asian Television Awards for Best Original Music Score. This requel did not frustrate with regards to this angle. The melodic scorer appeared to form changed pieces suited to every kingdom since each had its own theme the modernized, cheery variant of “Tadhana” likewise inensified the battle scenes.”

Due to the great evaluations and the accomplishment of the Pinoy TV show, Encantadia is slated or anticipated that would have another season. This was implied on couple of scenes in its finale demonstrating Cassiopea’s twin, who lives in the ice kingdom in the far northern piece of Encantadia, appears to represent a danger to diwatas. This was validated further by an Instagram post of Director Mark Reyes that the finale scene is his “official articulation”.


As indicated by AGB Nielsen Philippines, the pilot scene of Encantadia drew a 26.1% rating in Urban Luzon. In Kantar Media review, it got an across the nation rating of 21%.

The last scene earned a 13.8% rating from AGB Nielsen Philippines’ Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement People in TV homes. While it got a 27% from Kantar Media. The show earned its most astounding rating from Kantar Media on January 30, 2017 with a 28.0% rating.

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