Style Tips For the Fashionable Bride

Every year, wedding designers introduce us to innovative trends and-and new ideas in bridal fashion. The hottest runway trends are always edgy, fresh and incredibly interesting.  This gives style-savvy brides plenty of choices to plan a contemporary bridal look.


Fashionable Bride Tips
Fashionable Bride Tips

If you are a bride who wishes to look super-stylish on your wedding day, here is some inspiration. Take a look at the style tips from the Best for Bride team to look fabulous as a bride!


The fit is everything


Despite their excellent outfit and accessories, some bridal looks don’t create the impact they deserve. This is often because the dress just doesn’t fit! A good fit will allow you to carry off a dress to perfection. It will also directly affect your confidence and overall style. Make sure that the dress you pick is altered to fit your exact measurements. When it drapes perfectly, it will help you show off your best features in style. (Ref:


Experiment with new looks long before the wedding


It isn’t wise for brides to do a complete makeover when their wedding day is just around the corner. Instead, begin trials for a new look in the months leading up to the wedding. Try a different hairstyle or hair color long before the wedding, so you have enough time to outgrow it if it doesn’t turn out well. Book an appointment with your bridal salon for a trial of your bridal hair and makeup soon after your engagement. You can then see for yourself if you like it or prefer something different.

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Show off your best features


Many brides play it safe on their wedding day, by choosing classic dress designs, simple makeup, and hairstyles. Others go for extreme trends and end up with albums that look dated in a few years time. Remember that your bridal look should enhance your natural features and reflect your personality. For this, focus on enhancing your best assets and looking unique. Although you should exercise caution with extreme trends, don’t hesitate to embrace styles that will enhance your bridal look. Ultimately, your aim should be to look beautiful and feel great.


Keep the big picture in mind


Brides should look like they belong in the wedding! Factors like the theme, décor and how your look matches that of your bridal party will affect the quality of your wedding photos. So, consider all these when you plan your wedding day look. Give due thought to how everything will come together, and make changes accordingly. Not only should you look gorgeous, but everything else in the wedding should complement your look. Only then will the effect be cohesive.


Think outside the box


Classic wedding dresses and trendy styles have been repeated so many times, that it seldom stirs up any special emotions. If you want to look truly unique on your wedding day, step out of the box and come up with ideas that will set your bridal look apart. Always remember that what you wear should flatter your figure and style. Nevertheless, strive to create a signature look, and not copy what you see on the net or in bridal magazines. Fashion-forward choices like bridal separates, bridal suits, dresses with short hemlines or even custom-designed wedding gowns will help you create a look that is entirely yours. If you think you can carry it, go for wedding dresses with sexy cut-outs, plunging necklines or even colorful accents. For more ideas, take a look at the article

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Don’t underestimate the power of accessories


Your wedding dress is just one aspect of your bridal look. Accessories are an equally important element in enhancing it. Brides who choose statement style accessories that beautifully complement their wedding dress always stand out. Accessory selection shouldn’t be an after-thought. Plan this along with your wedding dress choice. Fashion-forward brides often pick accessories in gold, rose-gold or with gem stones instead of traditional silver and white, for a signature look. You can also choose golden accents for a subtle but effective difference.


Don’t forget your pre-wedding events


Although your wedding day is the most significant occasion, the events leading to it are also important.  It wouldn’t be impressive if you look less than gorgeous at your bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner, but end up with a perfect bridal look. So, pay attention to how you dress for these events as well. Pick chic dresses that can help you stand out of the crowd. You can also plan your rehearsal dinner look as an extension of what you wear on your wedding day, for a cohesive effect. When you look great on the occasions before your wedding, and your guests will be eager to see how you turn up on your wedding day.


Pay attention to every thing from head to toe


A modern bride ought to look amazing from head to toe. Don’t overlook even the smallest detail, and think of how you will be from every angle. Consider the view from the rear angle also, as you will be facing away from your guests for a big part of the ceremony. Dresses with amazing back designs can create a good impression. Don’t forget your hands and feet. Dress up your hands and feet with a touch of bling or wear attractive jewelry.  (Ref: Finally, don’t forget to pack an emergency kit with your makeup and hair essentials. Refresh your makeup every few hours to look fresh throughout the day.

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