Face Makeup Tips 2015 For Women

Face makeup tips 2015 are here and if you really want to give a refreshing and vibrant look to your face then make sure that you take a lot of care of your face. If you will leave your face in a casual way then it will remain like a dull face. But if you will take care of your face then it will look like a fresh and vibrant looking face. There are certain tips and suggestions that should be kept in mind while caring your face, you should also keep in mind certain tips while doing a makeup on your face, check out the below written face makeup tips 2015!

Face Makeup Tips 2015 For Women


  • Whenever you will start the makeup, make sure that you wash your face, Washing the face will give you a cleansing look. It will remove all dirt and oil particles from your face.
  • Always make use of fine quality foundation; always try to go for that kind of foundation that matches with your skin tone. At times, some of the girls have fair complexion but they go for wrong tone of foundation and in return they get a disaster looking face.
  • If you have dark circles then you have to apply the eye concealer, it will remove all kinds of dark circles around your eyes, if the dark circles will be removed then it will give a fresh look to your face.
  • You should also apply matched toe blush on your cheeks. If you are wearing a pink shaded dress then apply light pink and dark pink blush on, if you have a peach colored dress then apply the peach colored blushon on your cheeks.
  • You should also put up a matching lipstick and a matching lip gloss on your lips. If you are wearing a red colored dress then go for red lip stick, you can also have light colored red lip stick shade if dark red lip stick does not suit on your face. If you are wearing a pink colored dress then put on some nice colored light pink lip stick shade.
    These are the handful face makeup tips 2015, these tips will surely work on you! We will be posting and sharing more exclusive and latest face makeup tips 2015, stay tuned with and get to have fruitful tips that how you can make your face more tempting looking!

makeup 2015

makeup 2015

Makeup 2015

Makeup 2015


Easy Lip Makeup Tips For Girls

It can only be this lip makeup that makes your lips thinner and also fuller. If you want to have this kind of desired look of your lips then you have to follow few tips. If you want to have flaunting and kissable kind of lips then follow the below written tips! It is a fact each girl wants to have juicy and smooth kind of lips and they can only get these kind of lips if they will take proper care of them and if they will be doing proper makeup on them. Check out the below lip makeup tricks:

Easy  Lip Makeup Tips For Girls

Easy And Simple Lip Makeup Tips For Girls

  1. Use The Lip Balm:

Easy And Simple Lip Makeup Tips For Girls001

In the first step, you have to make sure that your lips are not dry, they have to wet and smooth enough. If they are not then make use of lip balm, it will make your lips to get rid from dryness and flakiness. It will also keep your lips soft and also smooth. They will soothe your lips and also save them from dryness. It is one of the important steps when we talk about the lip makeup.

  1. Apply The Lip Liner:

Easy And Simple Lip Makeup Tips For Girls002

Now, it is time to give perfect shape to your lips. When you will be done of applying lip balms then apply lip liner. Make sure that you have to pick up that shade of lipliner that is closest to the shade of your lipstick. After the use of lip liner, you have to use the brush so that the smudging of lip pencil can be done. You have to blend the lip liner in a well manner with the lipstick. It will be this blending section of lipliner with your lipstick that will further enhance the look of your lips.

  1. Apply Lipstick:

Easy And Simple Lip Makeup Tips For Girls003

Now, after getting done with the application of lipliner, you are all set to go to apply lipstick. The lipstick has to be of fine quality and it has to be from the best brand so that it may retain on your lips for longer time. Do get some hot lipstick shade.

  1. Apply Lip Gloss:

Easy And Simple Lip Makeup Tips For Girls004

After the application, you can now apply the lip gloss, it has to be of the same shade like wise the shades of your lip pencil and lip stick. This lip gloss will make your lips much fuller and shiny looking. If you have already fuller and pity kind of lips then there is no need to apply lip gloss. Now, you know how girls lip makeup is done?

So, these are some of the handful amount of lip makeup tips 2015! It is a fact that lips are much vital aspect of your face and if you lips will look stunning and sexy then the features of your face will look much stylish and glamorous enough. Follow these lip makeup steps and let us know too what kind of lip makeup you have done! Try these tips right now and get amazing lips.