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Life Love Quotes

Amazing Success Quotes

The Most Motivational thing is to read someone Success Story.  Well Success Story can be in a book or can be in an article. In the same manner wise person use to say  if you want  to be successful  sit with the successful people and  listen to  them.  Luckily  it is the  internet  world  and you can explore  everything  by sitting  on your seat and  just  using  the internet . So  here we are sharing  some  wise word from big guns which are actually  Success Quotes about how  to be  successful  , how  much hard work  you needed  to be successful and also  the  successful Quotes  from most amazing  persons  like bill agates ,  Stave jobs  , Markzukerberfg  and also  big  guns . These Success Quotes can motivate you, Charges you to do hard work today and earn tomorrow from it.  You can use  these successful  wise words Quotes  for yourself  motivation and  even  you can  share  it  on  social media  websites  like Facebook twitter integral  and  tumbler  and even  mobile  messages services  like  Whatsapp viber tango and IMO to motivate  your friends as well.

Amazing Success Quotes


Amazing Promise Quotes For Facebook Tumblr Images and Wallpapers

Promises are strong commitments; it can be by you   or can be with someone else. There are some several kind and usages of promises. It can be with someone about doing something and it can be with you to keep or avoid doing a certain things.  Here we are discussing  the  characteristics and  promises to yourselves  about  doing  or  not  to do something.  There are some wise words and promise quotes which can change your world . Here are some  promise  quotes images and wallpapers  from which you will really want to  use some to  make a habit even  you can  share  it  on  social media  websites  like Facebook twitter integral  and  tumbler  and even  mobile  messages services  like  Whatsapp viber tango and IMO to motivate  your friends as well.

Father’s words of wisdom will remain with me always: Amitabh Bachchan

In the occasion of Father’s on Sunday, megastar Amitabh Bachchan went down the memory lane by sharing an image of three generations of the Bachchan family, and said his father’s pearls of wisdom will continue to guide him always day.


The 73-year-old reminisced his father, the poet that is late Rai Bachchan.

“And thereby in the auspicious occasion of Father’s Day, our wishes to those us… but left us not to be disadvantaged or disheveled by the pollution of society, but indeed to be welcomed as a day of respect and admiration.. with us and those that have left. And their considerate words of wisdom, that shall remain beside me for the others of my entire life,” the actor wrote on his blog.

Amitabh also asserted which he falls in short supply of words when referring to his father.

He posted: “My Father… What does one really say it is the best left unsaid and without fuss or fear. about him here…”

Day the actor tweeted that for him, everyday is Father’s.

He also tweeted a collage with a graphic of himself together with his father, a different one together with his son Abhishek and still another certainly one of Abhishek posing along with his daughter Aaradhya.