Top 5 Indian Jewellery Designers In 2015

It is a fact that jewellery is an important asset to mankind. It can well add beauty and also that elegance along with the touch of femininity in a woman. If you have been in this best costume and you are not having the best accessory then no charm will be seen in that best gown. On the other hand, it is this opting the stylish jewellery that can well make an ordinary gown an exclusive looking one. It is also the fact that jewellery selection is a massive task. Here we will let you know about the best 5 Indian jewellery designers, read the below list:

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Top 5 Indian Jewellery Designers In 2015

Top 5 Indian Jewellery Designers In 2015

  1. Alpana Gujral:

Top 5 Indian Jewellery Designers In 2015005

She is a high end jewelry designer, she come up with stylish bands, elegant kind of necklaces and also awesome looking cuffs. She has design these pieces artistically and all her collections has always enhance the sensuality and also the femininity of a girl. She has worked with master craftsmen, she has created woman signature jewelry.

  1. Mira Gulati:

Top 5 Indian Jewellery Designers In 2015004

She started with the jewelry making in 2007 under the label named by‘Mirari’; she is also the lead designer who has created heirlooms throughout the world. She has also developed woman flagship boutique in the DLF Emporio, India’s. She has also been awarded with the “Jewellery Designer of the Year”. She come up with stunning peacock earrings, blue sapphire briolettes and also gorgeous diamond set styles.

  1. Nitya Arora:

Top 5 Indian Jewellery Designers In 2015003

Now doubt, she is the one of the top Indian jewellery designers. She is the founder of Valliyan. She is the winner of Grazia Young Designers Award and it was for Best Accessories Designer. She learn all this from Parsons class of Design, New York. We have seen that she also showcased her collections at Lakme India Fashion Week. She also design jewelry for Bollywood films, she has done many shows in Dubai, Egypt and also in the New York. She has also been covered on many magazines like in the Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and also in the Elle, Marie Claire.

  1. Asha Kamal Modi:

Top 5 Indian Jewellery Designers In 2015002

Asha Kamal established this brand of jewelry in 1988. She is one of the recognized jewellery designers of India. She mostly comes up with bridal costume jewelry. All of her collections are the magnificent one and they are always made from heavy gold. It is these beautiful of its kind of chandelier earrings that are all the time demanded by her fans.

  1. Neelam Kothari:

Top 5 Indian Jewellery Designers In 2015001

She is also an actress in Indian cinema, she also creates jewellery, she is now the reputed jewellery designer. She comes up with exclusive handcrafted jewellery and they are loved in the European countries and also in the United States, Middle East, Thailand, they are liked in Asia too.

So, this is the list of Indian jewellery designers 2015. You can try them and we are sure that you will love their jewellery pieces. Check out the pictures too of their designed jewellery and appreciate their work.

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